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Random Ramsdom 9/5: The Wait is Almost Over

Two Days until Rams-Vikings. TWO. DAYS.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Rams aren't getting much love this week. Personally, I think the Rams can roll the Vikings, but apparently I'm in the minority as Rant Sports, The Sporting News, and Football Nation all picked the Rams to lose. The experts at Fox Sports were largely split, with 4 picking the Rams and 3 picking the Vikings.

Mike Sando, however, thinks the Rams could surprise (ESPN in$ider) this year, even with the loss of Sam Bradford.

On a related note, Ramblin Fan summed up power rankings from some of the larger sites...the Rams averaged 20th.

Over at NFL Nation @, Nick Wagoner and Ben Goessling team up to break down the Rams-Vikings week 1 tilt.

For those who didn't see it here, Adrian Peterson is doing his best Babe Ruth impersonation.

An affiliate of released a list of rookies to watch in the NFC. One of the Rams 1st round picks can be found there. The other can be found on the bench. The Ramblin Fan details that this isn't abnormal for Jeff Fisher draft picks.

2 Rams WRs believe that there will be no chemistry issues with Shaun Hill. Looks like Hill is comfortable with the players around him. This is a very good thing.

Rant Sports threw out some bold predictions for the Rams Week 1 game. It's only slightly obvious that the author is favoring one team.

With J.J. Watt raising the bar for Elite DE contracts, The Sporting News and Ramblin Fan discuss what that could mean for Robert Quinn. It seems that the Rams are staying on top of the situation.

Not Rams related in the slightest, but the Ravens honored Ray Lewis Thursday.

For the gamers out there, EA Sports launched the GIFERATOR. Looks like we could have some fun with this...