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Adrian Peterson Predicts Touchdown on First Carry

Oh word?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I might as well speak it...Touchdown. First run.

That was Adrian Peterson earlier today predicting a trip to the end zone on his first carry.

Here's the bottom line.

He might.

He's Adrian Peterson. He's got probably better chance at the Hall of Fame than any other running back in the league (though I might make a homer argument for Steven Jackson). He's got the respect of anyone who has ever seen him play, let alone those who have played against him. And in case Rams fans forgot, which I wouldn't begrudge them if they had, the last time AD was here, his two huge runs capped off a 212-yard, 2-TD performance helping the Vikings to a 36-22 victory that shut the door on any potential playoff run in 2012.

Could he take it to the house on the first run?

He might.

He might also have to take that back.

Here's what Peterson said to the St. Louis media yesterday about that 2012 game:

What I do remember about that game is that it's first time in eight years, I've ever talked off to players...Those guys had me so hot; like, I haven't ever been that mad playing football. Those guys were just running to the ball -- I love it, too -- but (they) were just yapping at the mouth. I'm talking about from the defensive front to the second level to the secondary. Those guys were just yapping and they were doing pretty good initially, kind of getting a couple tackles for loss, a couple of three-and-outs. And then when I gunned at them one time, it got real quiet. I'm not going to give you my hint. I hope they come in talking a lot of noise this time, too. I'm excited to play these guys.

Sounds like Peterson, like many opponents of the Rams in the last two years, was awfully irked (and plenty frustrated) by the Rams' defense.

How should the Rams respond? Repeat and improve. As Peterson said, the Rams were doing well against the run, keeping Peterson limited and getting the ball back to the offense. They key to improving? Playcalling.

You might also remember that game from Adrian Peterson as it was reportedly a key moment in Jeff Fisher's first season that led to the firing of Blake Williams as defensive coordinator and LB coach. Now that the narrative comes full circle, it's Blake's father calling the shots on defense, the purported blitzmaster himself.

The Rams didn't need any further motivation on Sunday. They didn't need any extra reminders of how important it's going to be to shut down Adrian Peterson, exorcise the demons of this game from the 2012 season and start the 2014 season off on a winning foot.

They didn't need to be pushed over the edge.

They just have been.