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Greg Cosell Talks About Austin Davis

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who have paid attention to the NFL for a longtime, you have probably heard of the name Greg Cosell. Cosell is one of the most brilliant football minds and he's never played in the NFL. Basically he's the closest person to a coach talking football that a majority of us will know - and he had some interesting takes on Austin Davis.

Cosell was on one of Ross Tucker podcasts(which is a good podcast, and you can catch it here). They usually give their opinions on how teams and players played.

It started with Cosell talking about Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins, which lead to this.

If you took the name off his back and you just watched the two games on tape, and you wanted to talk about decision making, understanding the offense, where to go with the ball you would say that Austin Davis was really good.

But he's not a great thrower by any means, he's not a bad thrower, and we don't know what he will be, obviously in this league there's been lower picks that could play.

For those who don't know much about Cosell, this is about as ringing endorsement as you will ever get from him. Also, he agrees with most Ram fans that Davis has looked good in two games, which is all we can go by.

He goes on to say that there should be a larger sample size before we judge a player.

Ross Tucker then talks about Austin Davis, which brings this response from Cosell.

I like what I see on film and that's all I can judge by, now people listening might think that I'm suggesting he's on the way to becoming a high-level quarterback.That's not what I'm saying, he's started two games, he's been effective in those two games, he's shown positive attributes, things that I look for, could he come out in a given game and be poor of course he could.

Honestly, I agree. He's good enough to start right now, but I could see him having a rough game as the Rams head towards their weeks of pain going forward. It will be interesting to see how far of a leash Davis will have - if he wins a couple of games in a row and then the Rams start losing do you go to Shaun Hill? Or will a loss against the Philadelphia Eagles spell doom for Davis? Who knows...

It's impossible to know how well Davis will play going forward. We hope the last two weeks were a good sign heading forward.

If you want to listen to the entire podcast, then head here.