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Random Ramsdom, 9/3: Goin' deep on the depth chart

The St. Louis Rams released their depth chart, and that's what everyone is talking about this morning ... well, that and a few other things.

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SB Nation 2014 NFL Guide

Good morning, Rams Nation. The 2014 NFL season opener is Thursday, barely more than 24 hours away. The St. Louis Rams don't play until Sunday, but there's plenty to talk about between now and then.

The big news this morning is the team's first official depth chart, released Tuesday evening. You can take a complete look at it here, with a few musings from 3k. The biggest shocker was, of course, the fact that Greg Robinson, the second overall pick, will not be starting. It's a disappointment any way you look at it, but the season is just getting started, so there's plenty of time.

Roster moves

That clears up a spot for newly signed QB Case Keenum, if the Rams choose to divvy it up that way.

Rams news and notes

Austin Davis is the next man up, and he just might get his chance now that he's the No. 2 quarterback. Jim Thomas has a profile of the Rams backup at STLToday.

Speaking of the offensive line, Robert over at Cover 32 Rams has a look at what might be the most important unit on the team this year.

The new third-string quarterback, Case Keenum, could also see some playing time if the Rams falter at quarterback. Ramblin' Fan wonders what kind of answer Keenum might be for the Rams.

Nick Wagoner talked more about Keenum and his potential on Tuesday too.

Michael Sam will sign with the Dallas Cowboys practice squad, pending a physical. It's good to see some team scooping up his talent, and Dallas really needs help with its pass rush.

Ethan Westbrooks' face tattoo just might be the key to his NFL success.

Did you miss Turf Show Radio last night? WHY DID YOU MISS TURF SHOW RADIO LAST NIGHT? No worries. You can listen to it here.

Draft talk

It's never too early, never, ever, ever. And given the Rams' current situation at quarterback, they'll have to seriously consider drafting one early in 2015. Dan Kadar at Mocking the Draft discussed two potential picks -- UCLA's Brett Hundley and Baylor's Bryce Petty -- in this week's draft report.


The Vikings are not taking the Rams lightly. Daily Norseman has a look from the other side for what to watch in this week's game.

Wes Welker had one helluva time at the Kentucky Derby.

No Twitter, among other things, for Jim Irsay.

Fantasy corner

I usually just let my draft happen via auto-pick. Which leaves me scrambling for free agents later that week. Matt Ufford has a few waiver wire names you should add to your roster, especially if you screwed it up.