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Jeff Fisher Is Trolling Everyone On Shaun Hill

On ESPN101's The Jeff Fisher Show last week, the Rams' head coach reiterated that Shaun Hill is the starting QB when healthy. Then something got in his eye.

Jeff Fisher hosts a weekly show with 101ESPN, the worldwide leader's local radio affiliate. It is what you would expect: a cornucopia of coachspeak, the bland unintusive content that doesn't upset the required balance of access and PR and branding galore. Dear God the branding...If Edward Jones and Buffalo Wild Wings had a child it would be this show.

Of course this isn't really the fault of anyone involved. This is the way these kinds of productions have to go because this is how they have always gone and this is how they must be. Sports radio is a format because it is formatted. Don't kid yourself.

Such being the case, I don't usually post much from it. There's not a ton of value added in relaying that Fish said the Rams are taking things week by week or D'Marco Farr asking what to expect from the D-line or whatever. If you want bland, you don't need me to help you out. I could always review my local Olive Garden, but what's the point? Are you interested in knowing what salt tastes like? You don't need me to tell you. Go to salt yourself.

But there was one chuckle-worthy moment from last Monday. It's at the 22:43 mark, but for the full viewing experience you gotta start around 22:10 (and yes, the irony of video of a radio show having nearly inaudible sound levels is not beyond me):

First. let's start with Bennett. Bennett looks like a nice enough dude. Completely harmless. He's got his 2011 World Series sweatshirt on because of course he does. He's Bennett. Let's get the pulse of Rams fans and see what they really think.

So you have two very good quarterbacks in Austin Davis and Shaun Hill...

I'm not even sure Bennett is real. I think he may be like one of those robots at Disney World that's been reprogrammed for blandness. Send somebody from the Olive Garden over to BWW; Bennett needs salt.

Anywho, he gets to his question about "the plan going forward" at QB. It's a perfectly scripted question that has teed it up for Fish, presented by Edward Jones. Wild Edward Jones Wings.

Fish's immediate response?

Good question.

I love Jeff Fisher. Not as a coach, but as a person. His disdain for everything is so thinly veiled, I can't help but love him. It's a FTFY attitude about absolutely everything at all times, and it's great. In any case, he's not new to this game. He knows that you develop a talking point, you prepare about 20 different ways to say it so that it doesn't sound quite as tired, and then you stick to it at all costs over and over and over until the microphones are gone:

I've said that, you know, when Shaun [Hill] is 100% able to play that he will return as the starter. He's not there yet, and so we're hoping that he heals up here very soon and then he'll return as the starter. [winks]

Yes. Yes he did. Because of course he did.

He knows this whole thing is a joke. Not a joke in the sense that it is for comedic effect, but that it is "something that is not worth taking seriously." And he's right. Charades are only fun when you don't know the answer. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time. And Jeff Fisher doesn't want to waste our time let alone his.


Presented by Edward Jones.

(h/t TSTer RamTuff20 / @ML_2011_)