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Week Four: Bye Week Open Thread

The Rams aren't playing today. Many teams are. Here is a place you can talk about that.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week came early this year.

The Rams, along with divisional foes Arizona and Seattle, are all on the sidelines today. The only NFC West member in action is the San Francisco 49ers who take on the Eagles in a second grouping kickoff; they get the bye in late October giving them an extra week to prep for a week nine battle against the Rams. In fact, the Rams face the Eagles and 49ers in the next two weeks coming out of the bye to open the Octet of Pain. So you could make a case that that game is the best watch for Rams fans today.

From the early slate, Green Bay-Chicago could be a defining NFC North game when we're provided the benefit of hindsight at season's end. The winner of Buffalo-Houston comes out with a 3-1 record and some serious playoff hopes. You've also got all three teams with a 0-3 record in action today in Tampa Bay, Oakland and Jacksonville. The 2015 NFL Draft is growing in stature for those teams, especially if they lose today...

Let us know what you're seeing from across the league.