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Marshall Faulk wants to know what is the most "well-crafted" aspect of the 2014 Rams

It's not all rainclouds, folks. Here's the most well-crafted element of the Rams in 2014.

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I'm not sure of anything going on with the Rams right now that I'd apply "well-crafted" to. On the other hand, let's step back...

If Kurt Warner's departure after the 2003 season marked the official end of the Greatest Show on Turf, the 2007 season, or the preseason beforehand, was to end of the succeeding era.

2006 was the last season in which the Rams avoided a losing record, finishing 8-8. 2006 was, until last season, the last time the Rams had scored more than 300 points in a season. It was the last year we've been a top 10 offense in scoring and/or yards, though we're 10th in yards this year...albeit 26th in offensive scoring.

What happened after? A cornucopia of missteps, of horrible roster decisions that replaced aging veterans with incapable youths that ushered the franchise into abysmal chaos. From 2007, Scott Linehan's second year as head coach, through 2011, the final year of Steve Spagnuolo's tenure, the Rams won a total of 15 games. That's an average of just 3 wins a season. That's a painfully impressive streak of terrible.

As is often pointed out here, Jeff Fisher has restored the franchise to a tier above that '07-'11 Rams version of Gehenna. In two and a quarter seasons, he's already helped the Rams match that 15 win total in less than half the time.

So amid the rollercoaster that is the first swath of the Rams' 2014 season, there's one thing that has been well-crafted, or at least certainly better crafted than in past seasons: the roster.

Despite significant injuries to the Rams' franchise QB, LDE and second CB, the team has been able to subsist. Stedman Bailey out for two games? Tavon Austin injured? Backup QB sidelined? Brandon McGee missing time? The Rams took all of that and were up 21-0 in the third game with a chance to go into the bye with a winning record. The execution that failed them afterward is, and should remain, troubling. The fact that the roster is strong enough to endure those missing components and still compete? That's worth noting.

And yet for all the misgivings, so many of the signs point up. Austin Davis, Brian Quick, Aaron Donald, T.J. could go on. Misone certainly did. And what's more galvanizing is that the holes are growing more specific. The challenge is much less difficult for the front office moving forward.

So what's the most well-crafted aspect of the Rams in 2014?

It's the Rams themselves.

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