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Sack City, population one

Remember how good the Rams defense was going to be this season? Yeah, not so much.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

You need an extra hand or two to list off all the things that are disappointing about the 2014 St. Louis Rams. Or maybe you could just go more general and say they're just one big disappointment, from the front office on down to the bottom of the roster. You'd be correct either way. But I don't think even the most pessimistic fan would've guessed the Rams would be so bad at rushing the passer.

The Rams have one sack through three games. One. Sack.

They may need to rethink their trademark application for the term "Sack City" the way things are going ... unless there's a sudden infusion of irony at Rams Park.

Through three games last season, Robert Quinn had four sacks of his own. Sure, you can point to the loss of Chris Long to injury, but this was supposed to be the team's deepest unit, not to mention one of the deepest groups in NFL, if not the best.

Sack City.

And to be clear, the rest of the defense isn't exactly doing anything impressive. The secondary and linebackers are struggling with coverage and biting hard for fakes (like on DeMarco Murray's 44-yard scamper last Sunday).

It's a total systems failure, from a defense the team and everyone else spent the offseason hyping. Hell, that defense was the centerpiece of the team's marketing campaigns this year ...

/sad trombone

The team's even letting down its own marketing department, smh.