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Random Ramsdom: Angry Team Says Bye

Bye bye September, see you in October. As confirmed by Jeff Fisher, the Rams enter the bye week very angry. Also confirmed by Fisher: "that is a good thing..."

Dilip Vishwanat

Frustrating second loss - St. Louis Rams

"There's no way that we should have lost that" were the words of Robert Quinn following the jaw dropping loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Same ****, different year.... St. Louis Post Dispatch

This is the third year of the Jeff Fisher project. While there has certainly an influx of talent, the results just have not been what is expected. This is supposed to be the season that Fisher expected a break out and run towards the playoffs. While its still early, is there a cause for concern for FIsher and Friends???

Sack City Nowhere on the map - Ramblin Fan

Had someone said back in July that three weeks into the season the Rams would only have one sack, there is a good possibility that person would have been committed. Fast forward two months and that person would get a DUHHHH...

Jack Rabbit scores again - Bleacher Report

Janoris Jenkins scored the fifth touchdown of his very young career. The NFL record for defensive returns is 13, while he has a long way to go, he is certainly off to an excellent start!!

Apology smology - St. Louis Post Dispatch

For some reason, even with his issued apology, it's hard to overlook and/or forget Jared Cook's sideline antics in Sunday's loss to the Cowboys. Deion Sanders, said, "How you gon be mad at him because you dropped the ball? See this is why I can't be a coach, I would be cutting people during the game." Well said Deion, well said...

Are the Rams really this undisciplined, or is there some funny business?? - St. Louis Rams

Jeff Fisher addresses the penalty issues head on. The normally evasive - or questions that question the officials - was the most honest and straight forward he has been since being in St. Louis. Where he usually supports the refs, he disagreed, while showing and acknowledging his disappointment.

Well, not many can say they saw that coming... - Ramblin Fan

Revisiting the games from Sunday, here's five things no one saw coming. And yes the Rams and Cowboys game makes the list...

Is Jeff Fisher losing his mind?? - St. Louis Post Dispatch

It is a valid topic of discussion at this point. Why would any person in their right mind want to make a switch at quarterback when the current QB is playing so well?

Find the silver lining - Fox Sports

Leave it to Jeff Fisher to find all of the positives in such a disappointing loss. Not many would be able to focus on what good things took place, but he did indeed...

Davis is a leader - St. Louis Post Dispatch

The Rams should consider themselves to be very fortunate. Austin Davis has not only played well, but he has shined. He is proving to have what it takes to lead the Rams given the opportunity.

Rams players are at it again. Always active in the community, the Rams are raising cancer awareness with some karaoke and deadly dance moves....