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Rams-Cowboys: Game Thread Roll Call

Looking at the most active users in yesterday's game threads.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
Roll Call Info
Total comments 2,113
Total commenters 117
Commenter list 3k, AllowishusDevedanderAbercrombie, AussieRam, BMillz, BaldBilly, Baltimore'sOnlyRamFan, BayAreaRamsFan, BirdmanRainH2o, Bond_007x, BornwithHorns, BradfordBeliever, Bralidore, Brewce, BrokeCollegeKid, Bruuuuuuce, Cmoney243, Da Rookie, DamnChop, Danteslion, Devon Jones, DiscoJer, DraftStatus, Drew Spinoso, DuhhhRams!, EnglandRam, Eulogy, FailureDrill, FlimtotheFlam, G unit Rams, GSOT9901, Gfamily43, IWriteApps, IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive, Ignacio B, J-RAD2, Jacob Vantrease, Jas the Mace, Jesus loves Ewes & Rams, Joe Stanfill, Ken F, Kentrell Jackson, LA Champ, LARams1968, Lawllaby, LuinRam, Mark Jaramillo, MathB, Natedogg265, NoAvailableCAP, NowhereMan11, OCRamsFan, OG Stampede, Oski Bear, PMack1982, Pbrown925, RWRAMS28, Radtrooper, Rainman23, RamFan415, RamSarge, Ram_Redemption, Ramcoholic, Rams Mania, Rams and Hoosiers, Ramsfaithful, Ramsfan75, RomanDeaconMerlin, Ryan4768, SisuRam, Snaughty, Ssg.Ray5150VH, StevenS479, Str8t, Swatsky, Tanngnost, Tavon Awesome, Thai, The Rammer, Thomas W, Will not be defeated, YoMurph!, alaLARams, bamaram, bambamrams, bashuck, blindmouse, ffgtfgtr, garrett.buckmaster1, hatcher is my homeboy, hbwb, hex706f726368, howie43, jtboy_08, justin.szewczyk, kingles, leadhead, linus98, mark.banks.568, oldboy1x, pizsama, rambro4ever2, ramfan1992, ramsIam, ramsfan37, ramsfanindia, ramswo85, rosstipher627, sergey606, spikeram, themurth, thisguy, tntram, want2win, weezul12, x Nightwing x, xAndy616x, zachmann21
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 RamSarge 206
2 LuinRam 179
3 LA Champ 127
4 tntram 102
5 Lawllaby 92
6 oldboy1x 71
7 x Nightwing x 69
8 FailureDrill 64
9 sergey606 64
10 blindmouse 60
11 garrett.buckmaster1 55
12 thisguy 47
13 J-RAD2 45
14 BaldBilly 41
15 hex706f726368 40
16 BrokeCollegeKid 39
17 bambamrams 38
18 BornwithHorns 34
19 ramswo85 32
20 Ram_Redemption 31
21 justin.szewczyk 31
22 hatcher is my homeboy 29
23 Cmoney243 28
24 LARams1968 26
25 ramsfan37 24
26 Ryan4768 24
27 BradfordBeliever 24
28 themurth 24
29 Tanngnost 23
30 ramfan1992 22
31 DamnChop 22
32 MathB 20
33 zachmann21 18
34 spikeram 17
35 kingles 16
36 The Rammer 16
37 RWRAMS28 15
38 ffgtfgtr 14
39 PMack1982 11
40 bamaram 11
41 Radtrooper 10
42 Tavon Awesome 9
43 linus98 8
44 leadhead 8
45 Bralidore 8
46 hbwb 8
47 SisuRam 7
48 rosstipher627 7
49 Oski Bear 7
50 DraftStatus 7
51 NoAvailableCAP 7
52 Snaughty 6
53 Str8t 6
54 Ken F 6
55 rambro4ever2 6
56 Ramsfan75 6
57 howie43 5
58 YoMurph! 5
59 weezul12 5
60 StevenS479 5
61 Rams Mania 5
62 Ramsfaithful 4
63 mark.banks.568 4
64 Rainman23 4
65 Swatsky 4
66 pizsama 4
67 Thomas W 4
68 Ssg.Ray5150VH 4
69 NowhereMan11 4
70 FlimtotheFlam 4
71 Rams and Hoosiers 4
72 Gfamily43 3
73 GSOT9901 3
74 Will not be defeated 3
75 ramsIam 3
76 OG Stampede 3
77 RamFan415 3
78 Danteslion 3
79 Pbrown925 3
80 Mark Jaramillo 3
81 EnglandRam 3
82 Ignacio B 3
83 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams 2
84 Jas the Mace 2
85 bashuck 2
86 Ramcoholic 2
87 Da Rookie 2
88 RomanDeaconMerlin 2
89 alaLARams 2
90 ramsfanindia 2
91 Baltimore'sOnlyRamFan 2
92 Kentrell Jackson 2
93 DiscoJer 2
94 Devon Jones 2
95 xAndy616x 2
96 AussieRam 1
97 3k 1
98 jtboy_08 1
99 Natedogg265 1
100 OCRamsFan 1
101 IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive 1
102 Thai 1
103 Joe Stanfill 1
104 IWriteApps 1
105 BayAreaRamsFan 1
106 Drew Spinoso 1
107 DuhhhRams! 1
108 Bruuuuuuce 1
109 Jacob Vantrease 1
110 G unit Rams 1
111 Eulogy 1
112 Bond_007x 1
113 Brewce 1
114 AllowishusDevedanderAbercrombie 1
115 want2win 1
116 BMillz 1
117 BirdmanRainH2o 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
9 LA Champ just saw this
7 StevenS479 [no title]
6 ramswo85 Guys, I have a confession.
6 LA Champ I hate to do this....but I blame that bullshit Cook pulled on the sideline....fucking with the youngsters head...
6 StevenS479 [no title]
5 StevenS479 What I thought before the game:
5 MathB he's being a bitch
5 pizsama We deserved it...
4 x Nightwing x Go away then
4 BaldBilly The bandwagon is getting less crowded...
4 justin.szewczyk Jesus fucking christ wells
3 Cmoney243 Speechless, its a cover three, hit cook down the middle
3 Thai Goodell, Rice, Peterson, etc.
3 FailureDrill Well based on this epic meltdown of a game, I'm probably going to be avoiding the comment sections for at least a few days.
3 BornwithHorns Being a Ram's fan is transcendent. You have to be a Zen master to endure this rollercoaster.
3 Lawllaby I don't want to go pick up my new iPhone because I have to pull out my wallet with a Rams logo on it. Halp.
3 LuinRam then spit.
3 BaldBilly I think that was the first time in the history of the NFL that the guy who sacked the QB was called for holding
3 LuinRam stay away from tall buildings, sharp pointy things, and traffic.
3 The Rammer MAN
3 blindmouse This next drive will go one of two ways:
3 Tavon Awesome Only the Rams can make me feel so much joy and so much rage all in the same game.
3 thisguy I suspect if you look at the Rams history
3 RamSarge This game is just fucking with my head, almost seems like they're doing it on purpose
3 Oski Bear All those Chris Long doubters, take note
3 Oski Bear Martyrs for Mariota
3 RamSarge 3k for OC
3 Lawllaby JENKS PICK 6!!!
3 x Nightwing x If GRob came in and missed half his blocks
3 StevenS479 [no title]
3 oldboy1x [no title]
2 BrokeCollegeKid God do the Rams make us Bi-Polar.
2 ffgtfgtr Bring on Tim Barnes, PLEASE.
2 blindmouse Seriously
2 LuinRam JJ!!!!!!!!!
2 themurth Sam Who?
2 BornwithHorns Victory formation.......gonnna go drink myself happy
2 themurth Regardless of outcome, we have our quarterback.
2 FailureDrill Moose thought that was a good no-call.
2 blindmouse Why are they giving end-arounds to Britt and Cook?
2 blindmouse So disappointing
2 hex706f726368 rams made it possible
2 ramsfan37 I think everyone can agree that Davis should be our starter
2 ramfan1992 Romo talking to refs here comes a penalty
2 x Nightwing x Defense, you've been pathetic, now man the freaking heck up!
2 BradfordBeliever fuck what more can davis do?
2 Snaughty Quit blaming Davis, hes the reason were in this game, blame the D
2 tntram We need a sack from quinn
2 BrokeCollegeKid JJ!!
2 LA Champ JJ!!!! all day
2 BradfordBeliever Former pro bowler....
2 LuinRam fuck penalties.
2 justin.szewczyk Probably not here because the Rams are doing good
2 garrett.buckmaster1 [no title]
2 ramsfan37 refs lost us this game
2 Bralidore we cant win or lose reasonably.
2 FailureDrill Our QB also tossed a pick six and another INT on the final possession of the game.
2 PMack1982 Here's my take
2 StevenS479 [no title]
2 FailureDrill Sigh.
2 LuinRam nice tackle JL
2 blindmouse Wow, Cook
2 BaldBilly go away
2 LuinRam even if he did. no excuse.
2 DamnChop You're too sensitive. I'd prefer to see our defense, Jared Cook and the refs perish after this debacle.
2 SisuRam Ever notice?
2 LuinRam fair and clean?
2 Danteslion itssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
2 ramsfan37 That was a bull shit penalty
2 justin.szewczyk Well I'm done with football
2 blindmouse Officials making sure
2 LuinRam FUCK YEAH!@
2 thisguy It was
2 LuinRam only on the rams
1 garrett.buckmaster1 [no title]
1 x Nightwing x Hey, dum dum
1 MathB The pass rush sucks
1 BaldBilly Well Davis throws an INT...and all Davis lovers want Hill?
1 RamSarge And that wasn't interference, bulshit
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 hbwb not over even if they score
1 Lawllaby No flag, he hit him before the ball got there.
1 LuinRam fuck zebra.
1 FailureDrill You're done watching this. A 3 point game when we have the ball.
1 LA Champ [no title]
1 themurth Kid played better than Bradford ever did!
1 LuinRam blame cook and schotty....
1 Ken F quit blaming refs and injuries
1 Lawllaby 21
1 Eulogy Haven't been posting but...
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 LuinRam fucking shut up.
1 tntram No pressure
1 rambro4ever2 cook drops the easy catch then bumps into
1 LARams1968 He should be on a mission after what happened to him for showing his ass.
1 Lawllaby Im done watching this. Everytime 3rd rolls around, we fuck it up. We blew a 21 point lead.
1 howie43 *dyed*
1 rosstipher627 I can't even blame this game on the coaching staff. Schotty called a good game, the defense played mostly well, and Davis was impressive.
1 PMack1982 [no title]
1 thisguy I have no reason
1 LARams1968 Ram abuse is real.
1 BaldBilly take all your stuff out of your wallet at home...
1 LARams1968 C'mon Justin
1 LuinRam the rams have 3 opponents they have to beat everygame...
1 RamSarge Have you tried fucking off?
1 LARams1968 Neither of those situations should have even happened.
1 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams yeah, tried not to, but I've noticed that many times
1 PMack1982 After week one
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 SisuRam I'd like to see Alexander playing in place of McLeod.
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 LARams1968 The bright side is:
1 kingles And the dropped TD, and not kicking the FG, and fumbling the snap in Dallas territory.
1 Lawllaby The worst part is having to think about this stupid loss for the next 2 weeks. Sigh.
1 thisguy Don't be embarrassed
1 DamnChop We should all be ashamed of our team, coaches, FO, the refs, our vaunted defense and ourselves. Excuses, excuses, we still suck and have for over a decade. And I don't see any improvment under Fishnead. We're moving backward each year.
1 pizsama #FireFisher
1 FailureDrill Long 3rd down conversion. It's the story of the second half, after all.
1 ramfan1992 LMAO you are incredibly right man
1 ramfan1992 Davis should be the starter for the rest of the season. Defense...please..please!! MAKE A FUCKING PLAY
1 LA Champ 24 points, 3 TD passes...Davis is NOT the problem
1 x Nightwing x Davis is still really good though
1 hatcher is my homeboy Nice play Austins''ssssss
1 ramsfan37 This team is gonna give me a heart attack
1 LuinRam they nailed us.
1 ramsIam emotional drain in a bad way, this game
1 thisguy I can't even
1 SisuRam Fishers big mistakes:
1 Cmoney243 Forreal, i haven't been this hurt by a game in a while
1 LuinRam it ain't over till its over.
1 RamSarge Austin channeling Tavin with the dancing
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 RamSarge Fucking sick TD
1 x Nightwing x OMG THAT CATCH!
1 justin.szewczyk Quinn looks like he slips every time he gets around the LT
1 MathB Yeah so easy to cover one of the best TE in football
1 RamSarge kind of a pussy play call, but if it works...
1 RamSarge [no title]
1 RamSarge ugh, right on based on ref's foot
1 justin.szewczyk Quick you did more than redeem yourself
1 hatcher is my homeboy aND HE makes up for it!!
1 x Nightwing x Bradford probably calling the plays
1 spikeram no penalties!!!!
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 Ram_Redemption GO FOR IT
1 LuinRam light their asses up.
1 ramsfan37 I knew that was gonna happen
1 FailureDrill Are you kidding me?
1 Lawllaby Shouldnt have been that way. Fuck the refs.
1 LA Champ Man, lets go defense!
1 DuhhhRams! Where the hell is Zac Stacy?
1 ramswo85 Watts is making that Mason pick look really bad right now.
1 justin.szewczyk GO RAMS!!!
1 RamSarge Started from the bottom now we here
1 x Nightwing x Seriously...
1 FailureDrill REDEMPTION
1 LA Champ I just sharted
1 justin.szewczyk Our LBs are terrible in coverage
1 FailureDrill Two weeks in a row now we've got phantom roughing penalties called against us.
1 RamSarge Sucks that Cowboys get ball in 2nd half, the way end of the half's been going
1 BrokeCollegeKid Typical Ram call
1 ramsfan37 Scott wells
1 x Nightwing x Yeah, Howie's with us on the bad call
1 LA Champ Teddy Bridgewater is in the game...where's Dante?
1 sergey606 wells fucked that pooch
1 RamSarge Worst snap ever? probably
1 BMillz [no title]
1 hex706f726368 hope this sarcasm is obvious
1 x Nightwing x A stud... from another planet!
1 RamSarge Improvement for Romo... wasnt an interception
1 x Nightwing x Is he related to Kirk?
1 Gfamily43 Morris clairborne
1 themurth Dude. Already decided.
1 Ryan4768 Can someone in the stadium please punch whoever has the whistle?
1 tntram Guess the zebra got payed
1 themurth New rules suck!
1 LuinRam they don't quit their day jobs
1 hex706f726368 6 point swing in the works here
1 blindmouse Don't think that was on Williams
1 Ryan4768 McLeod was awful on that play.
1 RamSarge *signing Schotty
1 LuinRam BRITT!!!! HECK YEAH!
1 LuinRam 9 yard run
1 garrett.buckmaster1 [no title]
1 RamSarge I hear you, rec'd
1 LuinRam Fisher has to be regretting signing Wells...
1 hex706f726368 20 unanswered
1 justin.szewczyk Being held every play
1 bamaram Let Austin call his own plays leave schitty out of it
1 x Nightwing x It was the right decision
1 RamSarge You can leave any time you'd like
1 tntram Man Davis he made a great throw
1 sergey606 Time ran out....
1 garrett.buckmaster1 [no title]
1 LA Champ Donald is good, but this Westbrooks guy...something else
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 tntram I see no reason to start hill next game
1 RamSarge Still winning, boys
1 BaldBilly Great Ram drive...
1 BradfordBeliever Davis is getting fucked by his teammates
1 justin.szewczyk If Wells isn't benched by now, Cook is safe
1 leadhead Dude where the fuck is the Rams pass rush
1 Lawllaby Is that 20 unanswered points now?
1 tntram Sammy would have been sacked
1 LA Champ Steadmon is officially in the doghouse
1 linus98 Have we considered that Davis is just a better fit for Schotty's offense
1 bambamrams Refs loving the Cowgirls
1 RamSarge Quick is sick
1 BrokeCollegeKid not over the non-calls.
1 sergey606 Cmon Kenny!!
1 oldboy1x [no title]
1 x Nightwing x At least Stacy is back
1 x Nightwing x Man, why has Stacy not been playing?
1 DamnChop Ahh... everything old is new again
1 LA Champ Joseph should never pull
1 RamSarge shit, me too, rec'd
1 LA Champ TWSS
1 BrokeCollegeKid that Wells fumble changed the game man.....
1 ramsfan37 Why is our d so bad
1 DamnChop Romo's doing it to us again...
1 ramsfan37 If we lose I'm going to be so pissed
1 x Nightwing x It's spelled P-L-A-Y
1 EnglandRam We need a couple
1 LuinRam should be a penalty... TO was late.
1 Cmoney243 we lost