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Rams-Cowboys: Three Keys to Victory

Three main things the Rams have to do today to get the win.

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Slow and Steady

The Rams aren't an explosive team. If that shocks you, you haven't seen this offense the last five years in the post-Bulger era. So if this game turns into a shootout, the Rams are likely in trouble. We saw that in week one against the Vikings.

What does that mean? The Rams can't go down big early. They have to build into the game with whatever they can grind out in the running game and hope that opens things for Austin Davis (assuming Shaun Hill is determined unable to play...or whatever...). They also can't let DeMarco Murray or Tony Romo explode in the first half. The defense can't be on the back heel, trying to respond to an offense that has enough weapons to threaten in both phases. Put short, the Rams would benefit from some boring football early.

Get Turnt for Turnovers

Between Tony Romo and Austin have to assume interceptions are coming. Suffice to say, the Rams will be better off if they're the ones catching those INTs and not the ones throwing them.

Kick It and Stick It

As Stanfill laid out earlier, Cowboys K Dan Bailey has been one of the most consistent kickers in the league throughout the last few years. We all know Greg Zuerlein has the leg to put up points from 60+ yards. I mentioned ahead of the Buccaneers game that it would be key to take advantage of that leg and get the points available through field goals since I didn't anticipate much offensive production in the end zone. After the Rams ran the ball in for their first and only TD of the season thus far, they followed it up with four successful FG attempts to win the game by two.

There's not much reason to think that changes without the offensive improving substantially. For the time being, the Rams are likely to win on the back of the defense and taking three points in spots where available...and hoping the offense is able to surprise with a touchdown or two at some point.

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