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2014 Rams Depth Chart: Robinson At Backup

A series of tweets from the Post-Dispatch's Jim Thomas revealed the #2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft will be among the backups against the Vikings on Sunday.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Thomas offered a series of tweets tonight that shed some light on the Rams' depth chart going into their week one matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Here's the breakdown.

Greg Robinson Backing Up

We'll have to see how the personnel on the offensive line get shuffled around throughout the game, but it's obviously not the most encouraging sign for a #2 overall pick to not make the starting lineup. Bear in mind, Robert Qunin missed the first game of his NFL career (a move that wasn't very popular at the time..), so not all is lost. Still, if you were charting a route to success for Greg Robinson back in May, it likely would have had him on the line in the Rams' first game of the 2014 season.

Wideouts Set

This is bound to have less impact than the GRob news as the starting nod will matter less than the snap count (and yes, that applies to the O-line too, but it wouldn't make much sense to have GRob on the sideline and then bring him in early on). Britt could start and then play significantly less snaps than, say, Chris Givens, but it does suggest something about the big WR role. In Britt, Brian Quick and Austin Pettis, you have the three tallest receivers on the Rams' roster, all listed at 6'3". That Britt gets the first look suggests he's got a jump on the playing time in front of those two...which should start the Brian Quick concern train immediately.

Gaines Stepping Up

We talked about the cornerback roster battle extensively in the last few weeks, and Gaines certainly had his supporters. Much like the wideouts, I expect to see a number of different looks that will require some personnel shuffling here. With Tru out, Janoris Jenkins is the only sure thing here. Should Gaines get the look on the outside, look for Lamarcus Joyner as the primary slot back which is practically as valuable as your paper starter these days. As for how that would affect the rotation plays of Brandon McGee and Marcus Roberson will have to be seen on Sunday.

Benny Returns

Take that image of Isaiah Pead's self-inflicted injury out of your head. Take that image of Tavon Austin returning a kick 100 yards for points. Prepare for Benny.

UPDATE: Here's the complete depth chart from the team's official game release: