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Rams-Cowboys: Home Field Advantage a Key?

How much of an impact will home advantage have in the first Rams-Cowboys matchup in St. Louis since 2008?

Ronald Martinez

The Cowboys come to St. Louis for the first time since 2008, for the seventh edition of this matchup since the Rams moved to Missouri.

Obviously, the two most-recent iterations of this matchup loom large in the memory. Visions of DeMarco Murray running rampant over, through and around the Rams defense come to the fore pretty quickly when thinking back to those games. And yet, there's more to the history between these two teams.

Consider the recent history:

2002 H 10 13
2006 A 20 10
2007 A 7 35
2008 H 34 14
2011 A 7 34
2013 A 7 31

So this is only the third game in St. Louis since the move out of the seven total. Note that the home team is 4-2 overall and 4-0 in the last four games. Might the home advantage help push the Rams over the line this year?

Obviously, the debacle against Minnesota was in the Ed and the Tampa win was down in Florida, so it's not as if the Rams are going off of a great home/away direct win/loss correlation in 2014. So let's look at the home/away distinction since 2006:

Year Home Away
2013 5-3 2-6
2012 4-4 3-4
2011 1-7 1-7
2010 5-3 2-6
2009 0-8 1-7
2008 1-7 1-7
2007 1-7 2-6
2006 4-4 4-4

It's a bit tough only because the Rams were so entirely godawful from 2007-2011 (save for the bright light that was 2010), but that 2010 year and last year show a bit of how the home field can play up your final record.

I guess the question is if this year extends those two years in showing a clear demarcation between the home and away records or if it falls into a year in which the Rams struggle to get wins to the point that it's hard to see the clear difference.

Sunday will be a clear sign of which path the team is on...