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Rams-Cowboys: Q&A with Blogging the Boys

Getting the inside info from David Halprin of Blogging the Boys, the SB Nation community for fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

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Between the major injuries and the inconsistent performances from both teams in the first two weeks...I'm not sure what the hell we're in for on Sunday

To help me get a better sense of it, I linked up with David Halprin from Blogging the Boys, SB Nation's community for fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

A disheartening loss against San Fran to a strong road performance in the win over Tennessee. What have you learned about the 2014 Cowboys through two games? Is it just the nature of having a small sample size that includes two differing performances or is there any correlation that Rams fans would need to be prepared for?

We've learned some basic things about the Cowboys so far, but you are right, the sample size is small so the level of certainty is low. The thing the Cowboys learned in the San Fran game is that you can't turn the ball over four times in the first half and expect to beat anybody, especially a team like the 49ers. Tony Romo had a miserable game so all the efforts of the running game and a surprisingly good defense were wasted. The Cowboys tried to recover in the second half but they couldn't overcome the deficit against a strong 49ers defense.

But in the Titans game, the Cowboys also had a strong running game and a surprisingly good showing by the defense, and since they only turned the ball over once, the team rode those efforts to a satisfying road win. So I think what we've learned is that as long as the Cowboys can gain yards running the ball, and the defense continues to over-perform, Dallas can win some football games. But we're not good enough to overcome mistakes like turnovers.

DeMarco Murray is having one hell of a start to the year. What's contributed to his early success? Any concerns with the workload?

Just yesterday I looked at the Cowboys running game in-depth. What I found was a team that is using very basic run plays, not a lot of trickery, but they are winning the battle at the line of scrimmage. The Cowboys offensive line has three young first-round picks and the unit as a whole is doing a great job of blocking. The key is that the tight ends and the wide receivers are also getting in on the good blocking, so the team is opening up huge holes. They are executing across the board in the blocking scheme. The running backs are being just patient enough to wait for the holes to form, then they are heading north/south and they are hard to bring down, especially Murray. The workload is concerning for Murray considering his past health issues, but so far you got to ride the workhorse.

So Tony Romo's back...any long-term concern with the "tightness"? What's the plan if that tightness occurs on gameday? And how due Cowboys fans feel about Brandon Weeden should he be asked to step up?

Romo's back is just something we'll worry about all year. We know the problem is there, but there is no way to predict how it will go and whether he will miss anytime this season because of it. It's obvious he's not nearly as mobile as he used to be, that's why you're seeing more sacks given up by the line lately. Romo is not as mobile and instead of hanging in the pocket to the last second and taking big hits, he'll just go to ground if he's about to be hit and no one is open. It's a very different game than he used to play, but he can still make good decisions and can be accurate in streaks. Maybe as he plays more he'll get more in a groove, but so far he's trying to work his way through the back issue. No Cowboys fan wants to see Brandon Weeden play, but I guess there are teams with worse options at backup. If he had to come in the Cowboys would likely ride the running game even more.

How would you rate the defense through two games? I watched the season opener, and you guys obviously did a fine job keeping Michael Crabtree from making a big impact...Anquan Boldin on the other hand, not so much. And the production from the tight end position makes me wonder if Jared Cook might be in for a big day on Sunday. Is that something you're worried is systemic or is do you think it's just the nature of clamping down elsewhere which allows for a bit more space from the tight ends? And how concerned are you about the run defense?

The Cowboys defense is playing much better than most observers thought they would through the first two games. They do struggle with tight ends, the safeties are having trouble containing them and Cook just might be in for a big day. The defense is not giving up a ton of yards and are pretty good about points, too. 14 of the 28 points the 49ers scored were gifts on turnovers, and the Titans only put up 10 points. The cornerbacks played much better in week 2 after the Cowboys played more man-to-man, and with Orlando Scandrick back in the mix, that should help them even more. The run defense is a work in progress but is performing well enough.

How do Cowboys fans feel about Jason Garrett? The national media seem to immediately run to the hot seat suggestion. Would you agree with that with the idea being that if the Cowboys miss out on the playoffs that he'd be out? I have difficulty figuring out if he's bringing some sanity into the franchise (the whole JFF thing comes to mind) or if he's riding the wave of discontinuity (pointing to the fact you guys are on your third offensive play-caller and defensive coordinator in as many years). Help me out.

Everybody has a different opinion of Jason Garrett, so I won't presume to speak for how all Cowboys fans feel about him. For me, he's bringing sanity to the franchise. The Cowboys record has hovered around .500 under Garrett, but the roster has been turned over from an aging one dependent on a few stars to a younger, more athletic roster with a good future. The Cowboys are building for the future (except for Romo, who they will have to replace at some point) so the question is will Garrett get to enjoy that future? I think as long as things don't bottom out this year, he stands a pretty good chance of continuing. Even if the Cowboys miss the playoffs but play fairly well, he might be given another year or two. Jerry Jones really wants Garrett to succeed and is giving him a lot of opportunity to get there. We'll just have to see how the team looks after the season is over to know for sure.

Thanks to Dave for the time.