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Shaun Hill Injury: Likely Game Time Decision

While there's nothing official yet, it looks like it will be a game time decision for Shaun Hill as the starting QB...if you believe what you're being told.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Injury Report

Name POS Injury Thursday Status
Shaun Hill QB Thigh Limited
Scott Wells C Non-Injury Related Full
Tavon Austin WR Knee DNP
Cory Harkey TE Knee DNP
Brandon McGee CB Foot DNP
Rodger Saffold G Illness DNP
Trumaine Johnson CB Knee DNP
Barrett Jones C Back DNP


games-man-ship (n.)

  • the art or practice of winning games by questionable expedients without actually violating the rules
  • the use of ethically dubious methods to gain an objective

Shaun Hill has been limited in practice all week dealing with the continued injury to his thigh/calf/whatever. It's hard to really tell what the issue is since the Rams don't allow injured players to speak to the media until they've crossed a threshold of practice activity (which Hill apparently crossed yesterday). It's also hard to know what's going on because coachspeak is only technically English. It lacks the syntax required to actually convey any meaningful ideas. Here's Jeff Fisher yesterday on whether or not Austin Davis is locked in as the starter on Sunday:

No, (QB) Shaun’s (Hill) doing a little bit more today. He’s getting better, again we’re going to look at it game time and see what happens, but I think Austin’s ready to go. We’ll see how Shaun does tomorrow, each day he’s getting better so we’ll see.

That means absolutely nothing...which tells you everything. This has nothing to do with an injury. It's about making both available to play which forces the Cowboys to gameplan for both. Make no mistake, Shaun Hill's a vet. He knows how to toe the party line:

Better and better every day, absolutely...That’s about all I can say about it. It certainly is getting better every day.

That's all he can say about it. Sure.


bull-shit (n.)

  • a blatant lie, a fragrant untruth, an obvious fallacy
  • the excrement of cattle