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Thursday Night Football (and college too!) open thread

The Tampa Bay Bucs vs. the Atlanta Falcons. #5 Auburn at #20 Kansas St. You should have football in your life tonight.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There's a solid double-billing tonight of college and pro football that has a little bit of everything for any football fan.

#5 Auburn is heading to Manhattan to take on #20 Kansas St. at 7:30 ET in what could be a very important college football game. The SEC West is STACKED right now with five of its seven members in the top 12 of the AP poll, so Auburn can't afford to miss a step. From a Rams perspective, I'd highly suggest getting a look at Auburn C Reese Dismukes. He's one of the best centers in the draft, and given Scott Wells' recent performances, that might be a need to address in the 2015 NFL Draft. Kansas State is propped up by a bunch of juco transfers including QB Jake Waters, but the draft prospect to watch for them is WR Tyler Lockett. He may be the best player on the field, but he's not the best prospect.

It sets up an interesting game though with the stronger Auburn squad trying to make good on last year's BCS Championship appearance without OT Greg Robinson or RB Tre Mason around while K-State is trying to get a HUGE non-conference win at home.

About an hour later, Thursday Night Football kicks off on CBS with the Buccaneers taking on the Falcons in the Georgia Dome. I'll definitely be watching this to see how the Bucs look coming off of the loss to the Rams. It should give us a better sense of the team we just beat in their home stadium. It's also an opportunity to watch RB Steven Jackson who I, and I doubt I'm alone in this, still have fond feelings for. I would think he'd have to have his number retired when he's done as the record holder for most rushing yards as a Ram, and I still hope he can rack up stats to make a Hall of Fame case (as wild as it sounds, I think it's totally plausible). He's had two decent games, but he's not getting a ton of work. He's still getting the lion's share of the carries over backups Jacquizz Rodgers and Devonte Freeman, but a dozen carries a game isn't AxJax-level work. Maybe tonight the 11-season vet has a performance to remember. I'm hoping for as much.