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Rams’ QB Austin Davis Speaks About His First Career Win on SIRIUS XM Radio

Rams’ QB Austin Davis joined The Sirius XM Blitz today and answered a few questions about his first career game as a starter, the win, and his future in that role...

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Rams’ QB Austin Davis - fresh off his first career win in the NFL - joined Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on Sirius XM Radio today to talk about last week’s win against the Buccaneers, his chances at starting, and a lot more...

On not turning the ball over and settling in at QB:

I think the biggest completion of the game was the first one. That first drive we got the run game going, I think we had two or three completions. We kind of answered. They went down and scored on the first drive and we went down early, so we really had to answer. I mean after that first drive I really settled in and felt good, and it was just football again.

On how important it was getting reps before Buccaneers game:

Obviously last week was a whole different get tossed into not the best of situations.  For your first time to play, it’s not ideal.  This week getting all the reps, and kind of preparing...just really getting in and out of the huddle and get those reps was huge.

On whether or not HE thinks he deserves another shot as starting QB:

I think if my number’s called, I’ll go in and play.  If my position is to be the backup, I’ll be the backup.  The beauty of it for me is that’s not my decision, so I don’t have to worry about it.  I just have to do my job, and Coach Fisher has been very up front that if Shaun is healthy, he’s our starter...and I respect that.

Did the game plan change and did you have to spend additional time with Schotty:

One of the benefits of being here for three years is we didn’t necessarily have to do that.  I’m very comfortable with this offense.  There’s not a play we can call that I don’t know. I may have not ran in a live regular season game, but I do know the play and I’ve probably repped it once or twice.

On unfamiliar defensive looks and being uncomfortable:

The goal is to recognize we’ve got certain plays for certain looks.  What are my check-downs? What are my answers?  Coach Cignetti and Coach Schottenheimer are always coaching us "don’t make a bad play worse." And not necessarily the perfect coverage for the perfect play has to be a bad play, but it can be if you don’t recognize it and get the ball to a check-down...sometimes incompletions are the best thing on the table.

There’s more, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun.  The full audio...

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