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Rams QB Spray Charts: The Austin Davis Show

Austin Davis' first NFL start resulted in a Rams win, at least partially because he used the entire field.

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Soooooooo Austin Davis. Yeah, we're gonna be talking about the QB position for a while.

This, the spray chart from PFF representing the parts of the field Davis threw to over the course of his 29 attempts, shows you why:


I mean...that's good. It's not Peytonesque, but it's still good.

First, Davis attacked every part of the field except the throw-side screen. I'm ok with that, especially as the Rams RBs aren't great as backfield receivers.

Second, that's eight downfield throws. Give Schottey some credit. And not only that, successful downfield throwing. Davis was 6/8 over 20, but if you add in the 10-20 yarders, he was 11/16. No INTs. Plenty of yards. All to the good.

Third...the Rams are the only team without a passing TD. That's going to have to change soon if the Rams are going to crank out any victories in the early half of the Octet of Pain to say nothing of this Sunday's game against the Cowboys.

In all, it's a reflection of what we all know. Davis managed the game well on Sunday, allowing Greg Zuerlein to rack up points and hope the defense did enough to hold the victory close. That happened, much to our collective joy, but for it to happen again, the Rams are going to need to come up with more.

For now, Rams fans should take heart that the first performance from Austin Davis was enough to get the W.

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