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Stedman Bailey To Be Reinstated Per ESPN's Adam Schefter

The master of NFL insider news, Adam Schefter, is reporting that Stedman Bailey is one of the identified players whose suspension will be revoked upon a new drug policy agreement between the NFL & NFLPA to be approved in the next 24 hours.

Joe Skipper

The rumblings have been there for a bit, but Adam Schefter is now reporting the league and the players' association will be agreeing to a new drug policy in the next 24 hours, ending the suspensions of a handful of players including Rams WR Stedman Bailey.

No news is good news, as the maxim goes, but good news is good news too. This is good news.

The Rams' WR corps is turning out to be better than in recent years with an impressive two-game showing from Brian Quick and a versatile staff alongside him. Bailey's return heralds one of the more popular options from Rams fans, to be sure. The question is how quickly he can get on the field and develop a rapport with undefeated starting QB Austin Davis (yeah, I said it). It's also worth noting how fortunate the Rams are in the timing in that Bailey would be returning just days after Tavon Austin missed more than a half of football due to an injury. It's next man up in the oddest of ways.

In any case, players returning from injury or suspension deepen your team. The Rams need all the help they can get with just one game before an early season bye.