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Rams-Bucs: Game Thread Roll Call

Looking at the most active users in yesterday's game threads.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports
Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,563
Total commenters 115
Commenter list #GSOT, 1olyJG, 3k, 81 Witness, AllowishusDevedanderAbercrombie, AussieRam, BaldBilly, BornwithHorns, BradfordBeliever, Bralidore, Brewce, BrokeCollegeKid, BronxBlazer, Cameron David Miri, Chamuel, Charlesthe3rd, Cmoney243, Colt 45, DJ7561, Da Rookie, DamnChop, Danteslion, DiscoJer, Don Carnero, Douglas M, Eli_the_Jedi, EnglandRam, Eric Nagel, Eulogy, FailureDrill, FlibbenMcG, Freewheeler2, GSOT9901, HornyFan, I.E.RamsFan85, IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive, J-RAD2, JStymie, Jack Kellett, Jacob Vantrease, Jballa2005, KarmaCarnage, Kavi, Ken F, Knoxfan, LARams1968, Lawllaby, Logos_, LuinRam, MrWizzle21, MynameisSpartacus, Natedogg265, OCRamsFan, RAMS54, RWRAMS28, RamBradford08, RamSarge, Ram_Redemption, Ramaholic, Ramdon, Ramfest, Rams Mania, Rams62, RamsFan-13, Ramsfaithful, RomanDeaconMerlin, Ryan4768, SBXXXIV, SEIG, Sggladden, Snaughty, Str8t, Swatsky, Tanngnost, Tavon Awesome, TheBirds, Thomas W, Will not be defeated, Wolfman Cometh, Yetikin, addnon, bambamrams, car.ramrod, cody.nielsen1, crushh87, dbcouver, doubleteapot, endercpl, ffgtfgtr, gomer7, hex706f726368, holtfan, illyistic1, jtboy_08, justin.szewczyk, kwidney, mark.banks.568, nickmesenbourg, oldfartramfan, pacmule, ramsfan37, ramsfanindia, ramsrock, ramswo85, richromeo21, rosstipher627, shostag, stabbsmcgee, themagiconall, themurth, thisguy, tntram, x Nightwing x, xAndy616x, zachmann21
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# Commenter # Comments
1 FailureDrill 153
2 richromeo21 61
3 LARams1968 60
4 Lawllaby 59
5 LuinRam 58
6 Ryan4768 58
7 RamSarge 50
8 justin.szewczyk 45
9 Logos_ 44
10 crushh87 41
11 TheBirds 36
12 Danteslion 35
13 DJ7561 34
14 rosstipher627 33
15 RWRAMS28 33
16 BaldBilly 32
17 x Nightwing x 29
18 dbcouver 29
19 Str8t 27
20 BrokeCollegeKid 27
21 Ram_Redemption 26
22 Eulogy 25
23 Tanngnost 25
24 hex706f726368 24
25 Ramfest 24
26 AussieRam 24
27 BornwithHorns 24
28 tntram 22
29 RamBradford08 19
30 Ken F 18
31 Will not be defeated 17
32 ramsrock 16
33 themurth 16
34 Thomas W 14
35 themagiconall 13
36 Bralidore 13
37 Eric Nagel 12
38 bambamrams 12
40 Jballa2005 10
41 ramsfan37 10
42 1olyJG 9
43 jtboy_08 9
44 Douglas M 8
45 Eli_the_Jedi 7
46 Ramsfaithful 7
47 GSOT9901 7
48 EnglandRam 7
49 cody.nielsen1 7
50 Rams62 6
51 Jack Kellett 6
52 Swatsky 6
53 oldfartramfan 6
54 Cmoney243 6
55 Freewheeler2 5
56 Sggladden 5
57 ramsfanindia 5
58 Chamuel 5
59 Rams Mania 5
60 nickmesenbourg 5
61 thisguy 5
62 Ramdon 5
63 Natedogg265 4
64 Wolfman Cometh 4
65 Da Rookie 4
66 addnon 4
67 kwidney 4
68 MynameisSpartacus 4
69 Colt 45 4
70 I.E.RamsFan85 4
71 J-RAD2 4
72 ffgtfgtr 4
73 Yetikin 4
74 ramswo85 4
75 BradfordBeliever 3
76 Jacob Vantrease 3
77 RomanDeaconMerlin 3
78 OCRamsFan 3
79 Cameron David Miri 3
80 Knoxfan 3
81 FlibbenMcG 3
82 Snaughty 2
83 Don Carnero 2
84 mark.banks.568 2
85 doubleteapot 2
86 MrWizzle21 2
87 zachmann21 2
88 81 Witness 2
89 DiscoJer 2
90 Tavon Awesome 2
91 Charlesthe3rd 2
92 BronxBlazer 1
93 3k 1
94 pacmule 1
95 RamsFan-13 1
96 endercpl 1
97 gomer7 1
98 KarmaCarnage 1
99 DamnChop 1
100 RAMS54 1
101 #GSOT 1
102 holtfan 1
103 shostag 1
104 Ramaholic 1
105 AllowishusDevedanderAbercrombie 1
106 illyistic1 1
107 SEIG 1
108 HornyFan 1
109 JStymie 1
110 Brewce 1
111 stabbsmcgee 1
112 Kavi 1
113 car.ramrod 1
114 IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive 1
115 xAndy616x 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 FailureDrill Let's flip the switch. LET'S BATHE IN POSITIVITY!
7 LARams1968 Except for the severe one the Rams are about to dump on tampa.
5 Colt 45 How about .667 next week
5 FailureDrill No realism here, sir.
5 Tanngnost finally a sunday i dont go to bed pissed!!
4 Lawllaby Seattle just lost, or are about to =)
4 crushh87 When can I order my Austin Davis pro bowl jersey?
4 Ken F why is everyone acting surprised?
4 FailureDrill Because Seahawks.
4 Eulogy INT!
4 LuinRam (Looney Toons music in the background) Thats Schotty~~!
4 Logos_ So when is Schotty going to put in a Quinn package for us?
3 Lawllaby There's no way in hell were going to have a team by the end of the season at this rate.
3 justin.szewczyk Tavon up the gut
3 LuinRam fuck the refs
3 FailureDrill #schottyball
3 Rams62 Seafags lose!!
3 Da Rookie Well that is new
3 Eli_the_Jedi Sammy Watkins had a good day
3 justin.szewczyk It's where you take chicken and throw it in the dirt before you eat it
3 x Nightwing x Quinn at RB in the I-formation
3 Ryan4768 Looks like it says Sims and Gaines.
3 FailureDrill Brian Quick catches footballs now, guys.
3 richromeo21 Austin Down
3 LARams1968 I wonder if the Rams have ever thought of throwing a pass to him.
3 Cmoney243 Im really starting to want this to be fishers last year as head coach
3 x Nightwing x Not bad Davis
3 EnglandRam It's going to be a late night here Aussie!
2 RWRAMS28 Davis grew up alot
2 Colt 45 I can't believe the rules actually favored the Rams for once!
2 oldfartramfan The type of maturity he's showing so early is what makes me think so highly of him.
2 KarmaCarnage Great job Austin Davis!
2 oldfartramfan Don't think I can take another game like this, my heart.
2 Ramsfaithful I would feel a little bad for bucs
2 DJ7561 that f'n call for roughing the passer pisses me off in ways the english language won't allow me to describe.
2 1olyJG WE WIN HELL YA!!!Austin Davis was very impressive and has been leading this offense he has a great arm and has been smart, solid I'm loving what he brings to our offense right now let's keep it rolling and get to above 500 next week at home against Dallas
2 LARams1968 Not today.
2 Sggladden Unless Hill looks like Montana in practice or something like that we don't know, no, Not debatable.
2 Thomas W sure handed pettis
2 Natedogg265 Let Davis play the rest of the season.
2 FailureDrill Just ignore him, mate.
2 LuinRam Playoffs? Playoffs?
2 RWRAMS28 Good to see
2 justin.szewczyk After a Rams win we should make it a rule that Dante can't post in game threads!
2 justin.szewczyk We need a Quinn sack here
2 FailureDrill Somewhere, DamnChop just cursed and threw something at a wall.
2 IdGladlySellMySoulJust2KeepTheRamsAlive The Bucs losing to third string QB
2 DJ7561 So I was thinking
2 endercpl chances we fire schotty after this season?
2 Will not be defeated I wonder if RG3s latest injury
2 DJ7561 I said the level of athleticism not discipline.
2 Ryan4768 You're right.
2 FailureDrill It's actually been pretty interesting so far.
2 richromeo21 All that time for a draw
2 LARams1968 England, Australia, and US.
2 TheBirds Wells you had one job
2 Ryan4768 Well, Cunningham tried.
2 x Nightwing x That's on Wells
2 FailureDrill Schottyball.
2 Will not be defeated yes, that is what I was saying
2 Logos_ I'd give Davis the reigns against the Cowboys and see what happens.
2 FailureDrill LOLegion of Boom is getting torched by Marmalard today.
2 Ramsfaithful Now let's capatalize offense
2 Ken F i may take back all the Davis shit I say
2 LARams1968 It seems that the refs are very selective in their officiating when it comes to the seagulls.
2 FailureDrill Staced God wants all your first downs.
2 RamBradford08 Called timeout, had tons of time to think about it
2 RamSarge TJ playing like a boss
2 themagiconall and offensive co-ordinator
2 SEIG Just got home and saw a delay.
2 justin.szewczyk Actually this game is better than expected
2 FailureDrill Quick is the new safety blanket.
2 Ryan4768 Let him go out and be Austin Davis.
1 BaldBilly if we were limited to "reasonable" discussions...
1 dbcouver He, Paladin, Ed and Ramchop are all having a loath session in hell somewhere.
1 jtboy_08 Davis has showed more passion in one game then Bradford did his entire career
1 RWRAMS28 Correction
1 Will not be defeated At least the Sh*thawks are gonna lose
1 Str8t Donald with an awesome play
1 dbcouver Hi everyone
1 FailureDrill People overreacted because he was a rookie.
1 LARams1968 We have lost an NFL record 12 road openers.
1 rosstipher627 yeah that really looked a nasty hit
1 Snaughty Fuckin refs...whats with the corruption pandemic in Florida....first Hanging Chads now this
1 richromeo21 I'm glad it was on an injured player by our safety
1 Ram_Redemption fuck that prevent!
1 BronxBlazer Austin Davis baby !!!!
1 Will not be defeated not great to see someone hurt
1 dbcouver Remember that movie where there's a football team that has a donkey for a kicker?
1 Logos_ Now let's just beat Dallas next week and go into the bye 2-1!
1 RWRAMS28 And pettis
1 RWRAMS28 If there is a play
1 Logos_ I'm with you.
1 LARams1968 almost as sloppy as throwing an INT or giving up a sack when you HAVE to score.
1 DJ7561 This. TJ can deliver a hit.
1 x Nightwing x Austin going crazy on the sidelines, lol
1 FailureDrill GREG ZURLOIN.
1 LuinRam home town refs
1 FailureDrill Seriously, that roughing call was such horseshit.
1 hex706f726368 he touched him in a rams uniform i think
1 justin.szewczyk That's at least the 5th time this game
1 Lawllaby Quinn got held like hell, no flag.
1 Logos_ I'd take 8-8 easily.
1 Da Rookie Quick looking like a #1 reciever
1 FailureDrill But Austin Davis, guys.
1 LuinRam Pettis is going no where.
1 DJ7561 I was hating on Schotty all week.
1 Logos_ Other than the one drop Quick has been great today.
1 rosstipher627 yes please stop
1 Lawllaby So the ref's didnt review a Seahawks TD when Harvin scored? Supposedly...
1 FailureDrill Jeff Tripplette is the worst.
1 LuinRam on the fanbase to support the rams...
1 Danteslion as long as he breaks the top 10 before his career is over i dont care
1 justin.szewczyk JJ Watt just caught a TD pass on offense O_O
1 LARams1968 I don't have to imagine. I HAVE SEEN IT!
1 GSOT9901 JJ Watt has as many TD as the Rams
1 RamSarge reverse jinx
1 Jack Kellett Mostly
1 Lawllaby I chalked up the Vikings success to a Ram's very poor effort.
1 Eric Nagel If it's any consolation, Rob Ryan's defense just was destroyed by the Browns
1 Lawllaby Is the RGIII era done? Looks like Kirk Cousins is playing well.
1 Eric Nagel Wow
1 crushh87 2014 Rams > 1999 Rams
1 AllowishusDevedanderAbercrombie what does that mean when they get all the way to the end
1 justin.szewczyk So when are we going to get rid of Scott Wells
1 RamSarge he will outthink himself
1 SBXXXIV Are you serious?
1 Danteslion i cant wait till bradford is no longer on this roster
1 hex706f726368 I'll take
1 LuinRam not to mention the bad snaps last week
1 TheBirds is it ok to flag fantasy talk as spam?
1 SBXXXIV Raise your hand if Antonio Gates is on your fantasy bench.
1 AussieRam any news on when the game will start again?
1 FailureDrill lolrams
1 themurth Marcus Mariota Sweepstakes. Who wants him more? Rams? Bucs?
1 Tanngnost and be qb
1 FailureDrill Where's Kenny Britt, though?
1 x Nightwing x Should do it more often it seems
1 Will not be defeated Defence giving up penalties
1 Ryan4768 He made 26/28 (92.9 pct) of kicks last year.
1 ramsfan37 I would be happy to see fisher light someone up
1 Eulogy Why did you jinx it?
1 FailureDrill You misspelled "Bulger".
1 AussieRam Dude, go join the Bucs Chat
1 crushh87 His foot knocked it out lol
1 Lawllaby It seems the ref's are always on the seahawks side.
1 kwidney [no title]
1 ffgtfgtr Hey, it gives Tavon time to rest a little bit at least.
1 Lawllaby Do you have any real life friends? srs
1 ramsfanindia If all we watch games for is because of playoffs
1 FailureDrill Goddamit, Pettis.
1 Freewheeler2 pettis decided to play butter fucking fingers, but I have to admit at this time Davis is not playing like a 3rd string QB and I'm slightly
1 TheBirds no, he filmed that already
1 FailureDrill But the hype, man. THE HYPE.
1 AussieRam Agreed
1 jtboy_08 what the hell
1 LuinRam well the refs don't think so.
1 Eulogy Just like the fanpost....
1 LARams1968 Your thinking was solid. Even if it doesn't work out that way in the end.
1 Knoxfan Yeah-I took my GF to Nigeria on a vacation-maybe I'll go back and pick her up in a couple years-
1 Knoxfan Wild Women of Wongo-must see!
1 x Nightwing x It's those godlike throws from Davis
1 richromeo21 Im loving Quick this season
1 BaldBilly wait for it :)
1 FailureDrill I'm re-watching Breaking Bad.
1 LARams1968 Its wise to wait until they make some more of that medicine.
1 FailureDrill I'm in love with Lily the AT&T girl.
1 Cmoney243 WHYYYYYYYY dont u runnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!
1 justin.szewczyk Once again Tavon backs up when he takes the punt
1 Lawllaby Our number 2's are playing their numbers 2's. lol
1 Da Rookie Thank you RedZone
1 Lawllaby Kellen Clemons sighting.
1 TheBirds normally his hands are really reliable, but that was bad timing for a drop