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Rams-Bucs: Snap Counts

The snap counts are in for yesterday's Rams win. Who got the playing time at contested positions?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports


D Joseph G 61 100.00%
R Saffold T 61 100.00%
J Barksdale T 61 100.00%
J Long T 61 100.00%
S Wells C 61 100.00%
A Davis QB 61 100.00%
B Quick WR 50 81.97%
L Kendricks TE 43 70.49%
K Britt WR 41 67.21%
Z Stacy RB 40 65.57%
J Cook TE 38 62.30%
C Harkey TE 33 54.10%
B Cunningham RB 18 29.51%
A Pettis WR 17 27.87%
C Givens WR 14 22.95%
T Austin WR 10 16.39%
T Barnes C 1 1.64%

The offensive line did above average work against the injury-depleted Buccaneers line, especially in the run game. While that's to be expected, it's worth noting that just because you're supposed to win a battle doesn't mean you will. That being said, Scott Wells is in really poor form right now. With his restructured deal, he's not nearly as expensive. Still, you have to wonder if center is heading toward a top need for the Rams next offseason. We should also point out that Greg Robinson didn't crack the line yesterday. While both tackles performed very well, RG Davin Joseph had some struggles in pass protection. It's hard to see how GRob makes it on the field without an injury to plug.

The Rams stuck with Zac Stacy for most of the ground work. Probably could have gotten him some more carries, but there's plenty of season left to grow into. Since Benny Cunningham was only able to grind out 15 yards on six carries, limiting his contributions was probably wise.

Corey Harkey's work rate jumped from 38.81% last week to over half the snaps yesterday. We'll see how the leg's feeling all week, but that's an interesting jump.

As for the wideouts, Austin's injury skews things a bit. Still, you have to wonder where Brian Quick's ascendancy stops.


T McDonald SS 57 100.00%
R McLeod FS 57 100.00%
J Jenkins CB 57 100.00%
A Ogletree LB 57 100.00%
J Laurinaitis LB 57 100.00%
E Gaines CB 56 98.25%
R Quinn DE 42 73.68%
J Dunbar LB 36 63.16%
W Hayes DE 35 61.40%
K Langford DT 35 61.40%
M Brockers DT 33 57.89%
B McGee CB 26 45.61%
A Donald DT 25 43.86%
E Sims DE 23 40.35%
E Westbrooks DE 17 29.82%
A Carrington DT 13 22.81%
C Davis FS 1 1.75%

The top of the snap count chart is nearly exactly the same as last week. These will get toyed with as guys like Lamarcus Joyner, Trumaine Johnson and Chris Long eventually filter back in, but this looks to be the standard for now.

Again, Jo-Lonn Dunbar had the Rams in a 3-LB look roughly two-thirds of the time. That's a tracking point all season. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams work in more nickel packages in some games this season. Perhaps not next week against Dallas given our struggles to stop their running game, but maybe sprinkled throughout the Octet of Pain.

Ethan Westbrooks quietly saw nearly a third of all snaps. He didn't register on the box score, but at least he's gotten his first regular season work.

And Cody Davis only got half of his week one playing time on Sunday. Super sub?

Special Teams

D Bates LB 18 78.26%
R Armstrong LB 18 78.26%
C Davis FS 14 60.87%
C Reynolds RB 14 60.87%
C Harkey TE 12 52.17%
B Cunningham RB 12 52.17%
T McDonald SS 12 52.17%
G Zuerlein K 11 47.83%
R McLeod FS 10 43.48%
B McGee CB 10 43.48%
M Alexander SS 10 43.48%
M Roberson CB 10 43.48%
T Barnes C 9 39.13%
M Person G 9 39.13%
J Hekker P 7 30.43%
J McQuaide LS 7 30.43%
J Jenkins CB 6 26.09%
E Sims DE 6 26.09%
D Joseph G 5 21.74%
R Saffold T 5 21.74%
J Barksdale T 5 21.74%
L Kendricks TE 5 21.74%
A Ogletree LB 5 21.74%
G Robinson G 5 21.74%
C Givens WR 4 17.39%
E Gaines CB 4 17.39%
R Quinn DE 4 17.39%
W Hayes DE 4 17.39%
A Donald DT 4 17.39%
A Carrington DT 4 17.39%
J Cook TE 1 4.35%
A Pettis WR 1 4.35%
T Austin WR 1 4.35%
J Dunbar LB 1 4.35%

The numbers on special teams look a bit different today than a week ago, largely due to two factors:

1.) The Rams only punted the ball twice compared to the six punts in week one.

2.) The Rams had five scoring drives (leading to six total kickoffs) compared to two in week one.

Obviously, the splash plays from T.J. McDonald stand out. Blocking a punt and a kick in the same game? That's special (+1 pun point). Nothing else really jumped out at me on the ST units though.

Any surprises for you from the snap totals?