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Robert Quinn Signs 4-Year Extension

St. Louis Rams star DE Robert Quinn has re-upped for another four years through 2019.

Dilip Vishwanat

It's official.

Robert Quinn has extended his current deal through 2019 to ensure his star powers remain on the Rams' defense for some time to come. It's a deal the Rams simply had to make.

The Rams have struggled to come up with talents that would rank near the top of their position leaguewide. In drafting, and now keeping, Quinn, the Rams at least have one star player to hang their hat on. Losing him would have been a signal that the team was headed in the completely wrong direction.

The extension nullifies his existing contract leaving him with a 6-year deal worth $65.5m, $41.2m of which is guaranteed.

The move does cast some light on the 2015 salary cap with Sam Bradford's fate hanging in the balance, contractually. That decision, among others, can come later.

Today, the Rams ensured that they'll be the employer of perhaps the best pure pass-rusher in the NFL.