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Robert Quinn and Rams Reportedly Near Massive Extension

Amidst all the bad news at Rams Park lately, the St. Louis Rams and Robert Quinn have been quietly working on an extension for their stellar defensive end...

Dilip Vishwanat

Late last night, Yahoo! Sports reported that contract talks between Robert Quinn and the Rams have 'intensified' and they could be close to a multi-year extension. It is believed that the deal is between 4-6 years and in the range of $15M annually.

Unless I'm mistaken, a 6 year contract worth $90 Million would be the largest contract in Rams history. And if this report is accurate, that is an absolute steal for the Rams. Depending on how the deal is structured, this gives the Rams control of Quinn for the next 5-7 years at a price point below what J.J. Watt received approximately 2 weeks ago.

After Watt broke the bank, I was figuring a Quinn contract would be closer to $18M annually, than $15M. The fact that the Rams would have Quinn under team control for the entirety of his prime WITHOUT making him the highest paid DL in the league would be an amazing accomplishment.

Kudos to Les Snead and the Rams for being proactive with the situation. Hopefully we see this finalized in the next week or so.