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2015 NFL Draft: Friday Open Thread

We've got a full day of college football ahead tomorrow, but first up is Baylor-Buffalo with some night viewing if you're into blowouts...and getting an early look at potential future Rams.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Only one game on tap tonight...and it's going to be ugly.

#8 Baylor at Buffalo (ESPN, 8:00pm)
Shawn Oakman DL RS Jr. Baylor 1st-2nd
Spencer Drango LT RS Jr. Baylor 1st-2nd
Bryce Petty QB RS Sr. Baylor 1st-3rd
Shock Linwood RB RS Soph. Baylor 2nd-4th
Antwan Goodley (i) WR RS Sr. Baylor 3rd-4th
Levi Norwood WR RS Sr. Baylor 3rd-5th
Xavien Howard CB RS Soph. Baylor 3rd-6th
Bryce Hager ILB RS Sr. Baylor 4th-6th
Orion Stewart SS RS Soph. Baylor 4th-6th
Desmine Hilliard G RS Jr. Baylor 5th-7th
Corey Coleman (i) WR RS Soph. Baylor 5th-7th
Spencer Roth P Sr. Baylor 6th-UD
Beau Blackshear DT RS Jr. Baylor 6th-UD
Terrell Burt S Jr. Baylor 6th-UD
Kyle Fuller C RS Soph. Baylor 6th-UD
Adam Redden S RS Sr. Buffalo 7th-UD

So why I do I have this here if it's so lopsided? A couple reasons.

1.) It's this or Toledo-Cincinnati.

2.) You've got some top prospects here including QB Bryce Petty.

3.) You need to get an early look at Baylor while you can...and they're not going to be back in the spotlight until mid-October.

So if you're parked at home, why not at least catch the first half here? Baylor's biggest issue is inexperience - they've got a ton of underclassmen in starting roles. If freshman KD Cannon keeps the pace of his production up, he's going to have national headlines right around when Baylor's schedule gets tough in a month to say nothing of Petty. And get a look at Shawn Oakman; he's a monstrous DE with moves. The Nov. 8 showdown between him and Oklahoma LT Tyrus Thompson, who's an early day 3 guy for me right now, could turn into a must watch battle (although week 11 features #3 Alabama at #10 LSU, #8 Baylor at #4 Oklahoma, #7 Texas A&M at #5 Auburn, #11 Notre Dame at #16 Arizona St. and #22 Ohio St. at #13 Michigan St...............SEND TVs.....)

In any case if you're watching this one with me, drop your thoughts here. We can talk tomorrow's slate too which is meh as hell. #6 Georgia at #24 South Carolina could be fun though. Tennessee at #4 Oklahoma or #12 UCLA v. Texas in Jerryworld? I'll probably flip over back and forth.

Let's talk draft.