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Shaun Hill Injury: Limited in Practice, "Game-Day" Decision

After the final practice before Sunday's clash in Tampa Bay, we're no closer to knowing who the starting quarterback will be.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


Adjust your fantasy teams accordingly...which, if you're sane, should require absolutely no adjustments.

The Rams need to be cautious here. The switch from Shaun Hill to Austin Davis added a degree of discontinuity to an offense that needs exactly zero disruptions added to what they're already dealing with. Whomever starts the game at quarterback should, in all seriousness, be the guy who finishes it. The Rams need to find some kind of rhythm. It's hard for me to understand how switching things up again in week two would help.

In any case, it's a reason to actually listen to the pre-game shows. For that, I apologize.