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Rams-Bucs: Rams' Best, Worst Fantasy Football Picks

Looking for the best fantasy options from the Rams in week 2.

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Dilip Vishwanat

We've got a season-long partnership running with FanDuel, a fantasy football site that allows you to build a new team from scratch every week. You're giving a total budget for your team for the week and have to fill out the necessary positions within the constraints of your Steinbrennering allowed.

As part of the partnership, they're host a $250k contest for week 2. Information's below. As for the Rams, here's how things look to FanDuel:


You have to go DEEP to find either Austin Davis or Shaun Hill among the available QBs. Part of the reason is that there's not certainty of 100% of the game will be played by either right now. If Hill goes out, I guess that adds some value to Davis...but let's not kid ourselves.


Tampa's line has been wrecked by injuries at DE, with three of the six on their current roster having been signed just this week. You have to wonder if that sets up a good bounce back game for the offensive line...and therefore potentially the running game. Zac Stacy's the 12th most expensive RB right now. You have to wonder though how many TD opportunities he'll get without a passing game to get the Rams into the red zone...


This is where, if you think the Rams' offense improves this week, you could really make a play. Between Tavon Austin and Brian Quick, you've got two big sleepers who could make a jump. That assumes that (a) the offensive line takes advantage of a weakened Tampa front and (b) Austin Davis steps up big time. It's a huge leap of faith, no doubt, but it could be one that pays off.


Somehow, Jared Cook is the 9th-rated TE. I wouldn't have him in my top 12, especially with the premium on scoring options here. Don't ruin a perfectly good fantasy lineup by taking a Rams tight end right now. You deserve better.


Now here's where I might be overly bullish. Greg Zuerlein is a solid option for me. No, he doesn't have a great offense behind him to get a ton of opportunities right now...but as the Rams start to figure something out, he will. As depressing at it might be, I'm gonna say that GZ is our best fantasy play...and it's not close IMO.


I think the defense might be a seriously undervalued fantasy play. It's tough to accept after the Vikings game, but bear in mind it was 13-3 mid-3rd quarter, the touchdown coming off of well above-average field position thanks to the Shaun Hill interception. It's hard to ask the defense to do everything without something out of your O. Eventually, the offense will give the defense something. And yes, we'll create some turnovers as well. It's a plug and play option right now until the offense improves, but once it does, this could be a strong fantasy play.

Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is hosting a $250,000 Fantasy Football Contest for Week 2's NFL games. It's only $10 to join and first place wins $25,000. Starts Sunday, September 14th at 1pm ET. Here's the FanDuel link.