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NFL: What Happens to Roger Goodell?

At what point does the buck stop with the commish?

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It started with the lockout, continued through the replacement referees last season, and is culminating this week. Roger Goodell is eating through the NFL's credibility at an alarming rate.

Normally, I stay away from political affairs...I absolutely loathe the politics that are involved in every layer of our great nation (sorry for patriotic insert...hazard of wearing the uniform). But a line needs to be drawn when it starts to deteriorate the game that I love, the game that we all love.

By now we have all seen more than enough coverage by the national media regarding the Ray Rice incident. It has been covered obsessively both inside and outside the sporting world, escalating at every turn. Everyone from the National Organization for Women to Jon Stewart are chiming in. But the Rice incident is just the icing on the cake. Lets not forget about the NFL's failure to adequately address the Greg Hardy CONVICTION or the Ray McDonald situation. (hint: both players were active in Week 1)

Amid a whirlwind of controversy, Goodell has tainted the shield he so often vows to protect. As the overriding authority on NFL punishment, he has shown a complete inability to be consistent or fair. On top of that, he has failed to accomplish the one thing leaders must do above all else: hold himself and the NFL to an even higher standard than what is expected of it's employees.

However, it is unlikely that he of the $44M salary will face retribution for his inadequacies as commissioner. Some of the most influential owners in the NFL vehemently back Goodell, and from their point of view, it's not hard to see why. With a revenue goal of $25M by 2027,  the NFL figures to continue traveling down the path that Goodell has set them upon. The league will continue to "sell-out" at ever opportunity to benefit the bottom line.

Goodell has clearly prioritized lining the pockets of the owners over the integrity of the NFL. Regrettably, there is no end in sight to this sham. As a fan of not just the Rams, but the sport as a whole, it saddens me that it has reached this point.