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Chris Long Injury: Who Steps Up?

Chris Long will be sidelined for the next two months dealing with an injured ankle. Who fills the void?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Tis but true. Chris Long be bestraught with a tendon of the lowleg fuddy duddied.

What, you can't read? His ankle's hurt. So the Rams move on. As I mentioned in the initial injury post, Head Coach Jeff Fisher initially pegged William Hayes to step up into the role and keep the pass rush threat alive. The depth in behind would then be Eugene Sims, Alex Carrington and rookie preseason star Ethan Westbrooks.

Carrington's a bit more of an inside play, as we saw on Sunday as he picked up some playing time when as the Rams employed some three-man fronts. I would also point to the snap counts from Sunday in which we saw that Hayes found his way on the field for 27 plays, Sims for 22 and Carrington for just 16. Westbrooks was unable to make it on the field.

So the question becomes, who would you like to see across the line from Robert Quinn on Sunday as the Rams try to recapture the aspirations of just a week ago? How would you want to see the Rams adjust the rotation on the line? Does this mean more three man fronts and reliance on the interior depth (hello, Aaron Donald) to supplant the production and impact we usually get from Chris Long?

There are no easy answers, but for a Rams team looking for bright spots, the defensive line was one. And now the coaches are facing a question they didn't have to answer in starting the 2014 season.