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Saints 26, Rams 24 recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

Here is a view of the game from New Jersey, 1500 miles away.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I watched the first preseason game last night, like most St. Louis Rams fans. It's tough to take much from vanilla game plans but at least we now have some game film rather than practice reports, let's get to the good, bad, and ugly;

The Good

Shaun Hill - He looked like he had command of the offense, put up 14 points and had confidence to throw a ball to Bailey in a 50/50 situation. He should give the team more comfort than Clemens.

Cory Harkey -  Made a play when it was there, such a solid second tight end.

Gaines and Roberson - Both rookies were out their in the first quarter and flashed well, not afraid to tackle.  Both may make the team.

Alex Bayer -  He did what UDFAs have to do, made big plays and should have at least secured a spot on the practice squad

Austin Davis - He looked much better than last year, but listening to Snead, it does not sound like he has a shot to beat out Gilbert.

Michael Sam -  He made a few flash plays against the Saints defense, nice start for him.

No major injuries

The Bad

Greg Robinson - There are going to be growing pains and he looked lost on a stunt early in the game that could have gotten the QB killed.

Ray Ray Armstrong -  He took bad angles all game long, and has a long way to go to be a NFL linebacker.

3rd string OL -   They gave Tre Mason very little room to run or Davis time to plant and throw.

The Ugly

The run defense was horrific and will be something to watch as Gregg Williams defenses tend to struggle historically against the run with the way the D line goes to a lot of wide 9.

Brian Quick -  He had one chance and half assed it, just a poor effort and despite glowing camp reports , it would be nice to see a few plays in the game.

Tight End defense -  Maybe JL will clean this up but the Saints tight ends were wide open all game.

Play Call- On 4th-and-1 with less than a yard Shotty decided on a hand off 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage after the fake punt. I would have liked to have seen a Gilbert sneak.

Time Management -  Davis did well to get the Rams into FG position, but they continued their patten of settling for 47-yard field goals even though it is very dangerous if a penalty pops up like it did to make it a 57-yard field goal.

Greg Zuerlein -  He missed two longish field goals that have to be made when the season starts. Let's hope that gets cleaned up.

Did you see anything different, please share your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading!

Mike D