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Training Camp Recap: Offense

Are you ready for some football? Well you should be because now that training camp is over it's almost time to see the Rams play some games. Let's look what we've learned about the offense so far.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams offense hasn't been good for years. But maybe this will be the year that the Rams offense can take the next step and become pretty good. To make steps towards having a good offense the team had to go through training camp first.

Here's what we learned about the Rams offense during training camp.

Kenny Britt is the number 1 receiver

The biggest surprise of training camp has been the impressive play of receiver Kenny Britt. When Britt came to the Rams the hope was that he was a cheap and okay receiver that could become a factor in the offense. During camp, Britt continued his surprisingly good play and has pulled away from the other receivers. By all accounts Britt is the veteran receiver that the Rams have been missing to take the offense to the next level and while the jury is still out on how well Britt will play on Sundays, signs have been real positive.

Sam Bradford returns early

Returning from a torn ACL is tough work, so when head coach Jeff Fisher mentioned that Sam Bradford would be a full-go in camp, I was skeptical. However Bradford has returned to the field and he's looked good so far, not amazing, but good. Fisher did mention that the quarterback won't play in every preseason game, so the wait to see Bradford against an opposing team will more than likely have to wait until week three.

Who will be the other outside starting receiver?

So Britt starting is a given, but the other starting receiver spot is still open. Electric receiver Tavon Austin is listed as a starter on the Rams unoffical depth chart, but it's hard to imagine the small receiver starting every game on the outside. instead the Rams will more than likely look towards the second-year receivers Chris Givens or Brian Quick.

In camp Quick has been a plesasent surprise having good performances and making good catches. Judging by reports it appears as though Quick will be given the first crack at being a starter. It will be interesting to see if the receiver that was so raw when the Rams drafted him two years ago, can sustain the performance needed of an outside receiver.

Chris Givens on the other hand is on the outside looking in. Givens was relied upon to be the top receiver last year, but his play was uneven and it wasn't enough to secure him a starting spot this season. Givens is the best deep threat option that the Rams have and Bradford being healthy should mean big plays again for Givens, whenever he gets his snaps. In camp Givens has been practicing with the third team and he will have to have a good preseason to become a starter again.

The rookies aren't shining

When the Rams drafted offensive tackle Greg Robinson in the 1st round,  they knew that Robinson would be a project. However Robinson is an interesting and important project for the Rams going forward. One of the issues in front of the Rams knew offensive guard is learning how to pass block effectively, since he's projected to become a dominant run blocker. No one has raved about Robinsons' abilities, and that fact should be worrisome, the true test will come during the preseason for him, and eyes will be on him.

Some fans thought that when the Rams drafted running back Tre Mason in the third round that he would be a big part of the offense. So far though Mason hasn't done much in practice and during the preseason he will be battling just to get snaps on game day. Will Mason show everyone why the Rams drafted him so early? Or will Mason follow the model of former second round pick Isaiah Pead.