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Rams Roster Preview: Alec Ogletree

Alec Ogletree is heading into his sophomore season with the St. Louis Rams. After an impressive rookie campaign, how much will he build off of his success?

Scott Halleran

Ogletree was on of the top rated defensive players in the 2013 NFL Draft, but some off-field troubles allowed the Rams to snag him with the 30th overall pick. He proved his ability to make plays with 6 forced fumbles and a 98-yard interception return for a touchdown last season. He ended the season with 117 combined tackles (which led the team),1.5 sacks (which will go up next season per RVB's article), and 11 tackles for loss (which was second to only Robert Quinn), and 7 passes defended. Overall, he had a strong rookie campaign and I'm excited to see how he can build on it.

Roster Battle

There are no questions here, barring any injuries, Ogletree will be the starter. Ray Ray Armstrong will give him a good run, but at the end of the day Ogletree will keep his role as the top OLB.


Ogletree is a vital piece to this defense and is an All-Pro linebacker in the making. With an enhanced defense, expect his numbers to increase next season -- but more importantly -- the numbers for the entire Rams defense to improve. There has been no negative feedback thus far from training camp. He's continued to dominate and appears to be lined up to blitz a bit more this season. Scary...

Will He Make the Roster?

I don't think I need to answer this question, do you?