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St. Louis Rams Training Camp: Aug. 5 Practice Recap

The Rams closed out their last open practice ahead of beginning the preseason on Friday against the New Orleans Saints with an important, albeit headline-less, practice session.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Another practice, another day closer to real football.

The Rams closed out their final open practice of the week without any big news coming out of camp. That's a good thing.

With a scare as Sam Bradford took a kick to the knee, Rams fans were reminded of what the worst could be...

So forget the best. The Rams got a full practice in and have one more in sight ahead of Friday's preseason opener.

Here's where we're at.


Eh, not really. Zac Stacy took a slight knock, but should be fine:

Other than that, nothing new to report. Everyone who sat again is on the mend...and it's early August. Things are on track for week one, and that trumps everything.


For all the haha and brou of previous practices, things apparently went down without any notable clashes today. Saving it up for practices behind closed doors? Waiting for Friday's clash with the Saints? Either way, nothing bubbled over today. So be it.

Notable performances

Today seemed to be a day more for a flatter, even performance across the team. Perhaps the concern here is stamina level, fatigue. Part of the point of the preseason and of training camp is to get the players and their minds and bodies on the routine of the grind of an NFL season. It's physical as well as psychological. Aligning those fatigue thresholds, deepening them and extending them is a team-wide effort. Perhaps, communally, they hit a bit of a wall today. If nothing else, the secondhand reports (certainly in juxtaposition) lacked the immediacy to yesterdays.

Look ahead

At this point, the team moves behind closed doors. The next open practice isn't until next Monday when things move into the reactionary phase of dealing with some lessons learned from whatever the Saints game provides us. The key is deciding which starters to risk throwing into the first quarter gauntlet.

This is where most of your effort should be put to keep tabs on. Injuries, injuries, injuries. Then the rest.


Have at it.