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How many touchdowns will Johnny Hekker throw in 2014?

We asked the Rams punter for his special teams surprise play predictions.


I spoke with St. Louis Rams punter Johnny Hekker last week for the Ray Guy Hall of Fame tribute. We mostly talked about the art and science of punting, but since I had him on the phone I had to ask him about his quarterbacking game and whether or not we might see more trick play artistry this season.

Here's what he told me.

"I'm going to be a smart man and say I don't know," he said. "To be a punter and predict you're going to throw TD passes is overreaching a bit, so I'm not going to make any bold statements. I'd love to tell you I'm going to throw a ton.

"Last season I didn't hit Sted when I should have. I kind of nightmares about that. I'll wake up and think ‘oh no, he's running a slant, all you had to do was hit him on the slant, John. WHHY?'

"We'll see what we can do this season."

Let's hope for at least one.

Here's Hekker's two-yard touchdown throw to Danny Amendola against the Seahawks in 2012.