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Rams planning to send Alec Ogletree after quarterbacks?

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher teased at what the defense might do with the second-year linebacker under DC Gregg Williams.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher made comments about several players after Monday's practice. Like most post-practice comments, they were effusive and mostly devoid of information. However, he did say something about second-year linebacker Alec Ogletree that caught my eye.

"He's moving around a little bit in the defense and Coach Williams is doing a nice job with that,"Fisher said. "We'll create some match-ups, might be doing a little bit more pressure than he's done before ..."

The Rams have been pretty tight lipped about what Gregg Williams plans to do with the defense. But since Williams has has almost 20 years experience as a defensive coordinator and head coach in the NFL, you don't have to go far to find precedent.

It's going to be an aggressive bunch, happy with the blitz button. And if I'm not mistaken, Fisher is leaving the door open to the possibility that we could see Alec Ogletree chasing quarterbacks.

I'm cool with that.

Here's the complete transcript with Fisher's remarks.

(On his thoughts on today's vigorous and spirited practice)
"Yeah it was. Good session Sunday or Saturday rather. Yesterday was a day off and they know that we have today with shoulder pads, we've got tomorrow and then we've got special teams practice on Wednesday. And then before you know it we're preparing for the ball game, so we need to get out of it what we got out of it today. We worked on the run game early in practice which was good, they protected each other using their pads and we needed a warm day and we got it."

(On if they looked sluggish early due to the heat and then they got into it)
"Yeah that's the case. Those of you who remember the days, some of you when you came out with shoulder pads and helmets on and it's hot - it's hot, but they got use to it; a little breeze, so they're fine. Tomorrow's a little bit later, tomorrow's 5:30 p.m. We're probably going to do a little more from a physical standpoint than we did today."

(On his thoughts on the back-up quarterbacks going into preseason)
"All three of them are doing well. Shaun's (Hill) got a good feel for what we're doing, got a good sense for timing, can get the ball out so we expect him to do well. He traditionally has played very well in preseason games over the last years, few years so we expect him to do so. Garret's (Gilbert) got a good feel as does Austin (Davis) so they'll all get a chance to play."

(On his expectations for LB Alec Ogletree this season)
"We expect more production out of him. He made the big plays and he's got the big play potential. He's moving around a little bit in the defense and (Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Gregg) Williams is doing a nice job with that. We'll create some match-ups, might be doing a little bit more pressure than he's done before but from a cover standpoint he can do it. He's been working on it, so we're pleased with where he is right now."

(On WR Tavon Austin's versatility)
"Tavon's doing a lot of different things, feels good, making some good catches. It's just a matter of getting the ball to him in space and you see a couple times today he made people miss and picked up big gains, so that's what we're looking for and we got a good feel for him. He has a good feel for the offense, it's just a matter of finding enough footballs to go around."