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Greg Robinson on the bench to start the season?

Will the Rams start their first round offensive linemen Greg Robinson? Or will Robinson ride the bench for awhile until the Rams need him to fill in for someone?

Dilip Vishwanat

The St. Louis Rams drafted Greg Robinson with the second overall selection of the 2014 draft knowing that the former Auburn left tackle was extremely raw, especially when it came to pass blocking. The workaround that was having Robinson play guard while he adjusts to the schemes and the playing speed of the NFL. Also, the Rams really needed a bully in the running game and that fit's Robinson's playing style.

Robinson has been playing guard and left tackle with the starting unit until the third game of the preseason. In that game Robinson was placed with the second team and rotated both guard spots. That was an interesting change, but head coach Jeff Fisher said that they wanted to give Robinson a break because he's head was spinning, so nothing was thought of the move.

Robinson even said back in June that he was struggling with the Rams' playbook.

Then on Thursday night against the Miami Dolphins, Robinson played, even though the starters didn't play in the game at all. That alone wouldn't be a big deal since Robinson needs as many snaps as he can get. It's really about where he played.

What's the point of having Robinson play tackle if the Rams were worried about his head spinning? Yes, Robinson needs more time to get used to the NFL, but having him play tackle is a contradiction of what they previously said. Unless the Rams don't plan on starting Robinson at guard week one against the Minnesota Vikings.

In fact, maybe Robinson won't play at all week one.

If the Rams are planning to bench Robinson, then the move to play him at left tackle starts to make sense. Robinson did struggle picking up defenders, he allowed multiple sacks and quarterback pressures. We've also seen Robinson struggle picking up his man. He struggled against the Dolphins on Thursday night too.

Not starting Robinson would be an interesting decision. Robinson has a bright future, and the Rams need to start giving the future snaps now. Maybe they are just making a statement to Robinson, but throughout Fishers' tenure with the Rams he hasn't been afraid to start the best man regardless of where a player was drafted, so maybe Robinson just isn't where the Rams hoped he would be.

If Robinson does not start, Davin Joseph would likely play at right guard (his natural position) and force Rodger Saffold to the left guard spot.