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Random Ramsdom 29 August: 24 Hours to 53

NFL clubs must trim rosters down to 53 by tomorrow. Next to the Draft, this is probably the busiest 24 hours in the league for front offices. Could the Rams leadership surprise us?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation 2014 College Football Guide

Takeaways from Rams-Dolphins | ESPN

Final pre-season thoughts from Nick Wagoner, including speculation about Greg Robinson not starting next week.

Goodell Admits Mistake | CBS Sports

In a rare act of humility, the czar of NFL apologized to his employers for getting the Ray Rice suspension wrong.

In a related note, the NFL Beefed Up it's Domestic Violence Policy | CBS Sports

Givens can Relate to what Bradford is Experiencing | St Louis Post-Dispatch

Did anyone know that Givens has torn BOTH ACLs?

For our gamers, here's Madden '15 NFC West Rankings |

At this point, I'm more surprised by Johnny Hekker's rating than I am by the Rams being overlooked

Prisco Predicts Another Disappointing Season for Rams | CBS Sports

Yard Barker Projects Rams Final 53 & Practice Squad -

Most of this sticks with status quo, but there are a few anomalies worth noting...

Notable Players on the Roster Bubble around the League | Bleacher Report

I don't expect the Rams to look at any of the RBs or WRs, but could they add a QB or DB that is cast off by another team?

Comparing Hill to Clemens and Bradford |

I wish that this would have went into a bit more detail, but definitely worth a read

5 Reasons the Rams are OK Without Bradford | CBS St Louis

While in no way desirable, the Rams can and will survive without Sammy B. Here's how.