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Rams Lose 13-14, Close Out Preseason (UPDATED)

The Rams finished their preseason with a strong early effort that ended up in a close loss. More important is the performances of the roughly two dozen Rams trying to make the final regular season roster.

Marc Serota

The Rams lose. Meh.

The Rams got a final look at the back end of the roster before making the decisions necessary to trim the lineup from 75 players to 53, and in the process seemingly no major injuries. Anti-meh.

With Shaun Hill and the rest of the starting units sidelined, tonight was all about roster evaluation. The Rams have to put 22 players aside, attempting to stash some on the practice squad, saying goodbye to others outright.

The big roster battles? We'll have to wait and see.

Austin Davis seemingly solidified his job as the Rams' backup QB, while Garrett Gilbert struggled. A two-QB roster move would allow the Rams more depth elsewhere.

At tight end, Alex Bayer flashed in the receiving game as per usual; I noticed a couple times early in which Justice Cunningham set his blocks very well.

The defensive end issue was more of the same. Ethan Westbrooks had four tackles and, in Westbrooks fashion, a sack. Michael Sam was everywhere early finishing with six tackles against the Dolphins' primary backups. I'd say this - neither should worry about going without an NFL employer this season. The question is whether that employer will be the Rams or not.

At cornerback, E.J. Gaines had a memorable play early with an interception...that was a gift. Gaines was isolated against two wide receivers on a double safety blitz. Luckily, the pressure got to Dolphins QB Seth Lobato and the pass sailed just high enough where it was tipped by Marcus Thigpen and Gaines had the wherewithal to make the play. Still, he looks like a strong bet to make the roster. The other reserve cornerbacks? Who knows.

Most confusingly? The ESPN box score had a mystery quarterback in for the Rams...


Who is D. Williams? He certainly didn't make much of an impression on me. I somehow never noticed him in the game. Let's zoom in...


So to summarize:

- Preseason over. No new major injuries, unless there are surprises.

- Roster cuts required by Saturday. Some battles will have to be decided by coaches.


Stay tuned.

(UPDATE: 10:23pm by 3k)

Fisher confirmed no real injuries to speak of: