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St. Louis Rams Vs. Miami Dolphins: Rookies to watch

It's almost time for the Rams last preseason game against the Miami Dolphins. Let's look at some rookies that you should watch this week.

Yeah bro, tell Fisher Money Manziel still wants to be a Ram.
Yeah bro, tell Fisher Money Manziel still wants to be a Ram.
Joe Robbins

The fourth and final preseason game is finally upon us. The Rams are set to play the Miami Dolphins in the final game where fans don't have to worry about wins and losses. This game will grant us a final look at the players before the season begins.

With all of that being said, here's some rookies to keep your eyes on.

Greg Robinson - This year's first round pick has been an interesting story to watch unfold. When he was drafted, it was widely known that he was raw as a pass blocker, and he has been. Robinson has made rookie mistakes in every game so far, and although he looks good when he's actually blocking, it's what's been happening prior to the play that's concerning. The mental woes will probably take a season to workout, but it would be nice to see the athletic offensive lineman play well against the Dolphins.

Maurice Alexander - Alexander is my favorite rookie to watch. I really enjoy watching him play and seeing the potential that he brings. He has really good range and tackling ability. Also, Alexander is tough - don't believe me? Watch him take on blockers by running through them, and he never shies away from hitting an offensive player. He isn't ready to start at safety yet, but if he can make plays in the passing game, then that would be a plus because we really haven't seen it yet.

E.J. Gaines - Someone has to replace Trumaine Johnson, who will be out with a knee injury for the first few games of the 2014 season. The rookie cornerback has looked pretty well so far during the preseason, and a good game this week could secure the starting role for him. Another game of good tackling and an interception would be a great way to end the preseason.

Trey Watts - I don't know how many people were expecting Watts to look as good as he did playing against the Browns, but I wasn't among them. Watts showed that he could gain yards and he looked like a good shifty option, oh, and he also caught some passes and took some hits. Maybe Watts will stick on the roster if he plays as well as he did against the Browns.

Michael Sam - If the Rams didn't have Ethan Westbrooks on the roster then Sam would have more than likely secured a spot on the 53-man roster. As Johnny Manziel can attest, Sam has shown that he can pass rush. It's going to be hard to keep Sam on the 53-man roster, but with a good game against the Dolphins it might be hard to let him go.