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Random Ramsdom August 27

Good news, bad news and hypocrites abound this week in the NFL. Injuries, that plague, has struck around the league, meanwhile suspensions loom and the battle for the remaining roster spots reaches fever pitch. Stay tuned for the latest...

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Oh Sam...

Two weeks ago, when coach Fisher made the announcement that Sam Bradford would play vs the Packers, I posted this in my Random Ramsdom-

"I haven't decided how much," Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "but yeah, he's gonna play this week."

Am I the only one cringing?

I had the nagging thought that it was just too soon. But who am I to argue with a host of top notch doctors, team experts and ultimately Sam himself? Sadly, those nagging thoughts proved realistic. I truly wish, it were not so. It is all the more bitter since Sam was playing in top form and looked ready to set the league on fire.

The future of both Sam Bradford and the Rams has been dinged. No question. However, with this team and with these coaches, I see something that has been lacking from this team for a long time...heart. Neither Sam, nor the team will go gentle into that good night.

All Aboard! The Shaun Hill train is scheduled for stop Miami. -NFL

I would just like to point out, once again, that the Rams first two Super Bowl appearances were headed by back-up quarterbacks. One famous win under Kurt Warner and one very competitive loss with Vince Ferragamo at the helm. That narrow loss was to the 1970's era know, the team with 9 Hall of Famers, plus a Hall of Fame coach?

The looming contest from the Dolphins perspective -Phinfanatic

The Dolphins have a very able backup in Matt Moore, who has also been a starter multiple times in his career.  He may be a better option for the Rams for an entire season.


Starters expected to sit out game vs Miami -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Historically, starters get their most snaps in the third game of preseason. Jeff Fisher is now being quite coy about how much time the starters will see in Miami. I don't blame him if he sits the starters- A. Why tempt/exacerbate more injuries to the starters in a meaningless game. B. The roster has to be trimmed to 53 by Saturday and some of the remaining 75 players have a lot of proving of themselves to do. So give them the chance to do it. C. Let the starters get a break before the regular season starts so they can be maximum fresh for when it counts.

Weirdness -Yahoo Sports

In the excellent movie "Lucky Number Slevin", Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) gets mistaken for someone else and winds up being taken to the 'Boss' (Morgan Freeman) and told that he owes the Boss $96,000. Ultimately, he is given a choice- pay the money immediately or perform an assassination in lieu of it. Bewildered by his predicament, but given a chance to 'think it over' Slevin prepares to exit the Bosses quarters, when the Boss says, "I don't have to say anything as trite and cliched as, skip town and you're a dead man, do I?"

Slevin replies wryly, "I think you just did"

"I guess I did"

In the sports world, it is much the same with reporting on Michael Sam and his orientation. Everyone...absolutely everyone is saying, "Just let him play and judge him on that alone. Just Sam the football player, nothing more, nothing less" A good attitude, methinks. Yet, it is never like that at all. It is like this, "Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in the NFL, sacks Johnny Manziel!" or "First openly gay football player, Michael Sam makes the 75 man roster". I thought we were just going to judge him on his skills as a player? Why is ESPN revisiting this whole locker room deal? With preseason in full swing and NFL news leaking out of our orifices, is there seriously nothing more important to report on? Every article, every report pretends to ignore his orientation...and yet they don't. I grow weary with the hypocrisy.

Aldon Smith awaits suspension details -ESPN

Rumor has it that he is facing up to an 8 week suspension and that news is expected at any time. For the record, San Fransisco was 5-0 without him last year.

Seahawks fined practice time for CBA breach -USA Today

A strange fine for a strange act.

"Seahawks players will be paid for the cancelled practice sessions. The violation was for permitting the club's players to engage in excessive levels of on-field physical contact during the team's 2014 mandatory minicamp for veteran players."

Save it for the game, eh?

Cardinals defense in tatters -NFL

Suspensions, free agency and the injury bug have decimated Arizona's defensive squad. Can those left reclaim what has been lost?

Quinn the Quintessential...excellent article -101Sports

Why we should expect even greater things from Robert Quinn in the future.

Well, time to wrap this up Rams fans...I am in the mood for something just a tad melancholic this time...