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Rallying Behind Shaun Hill

This Thursday the Rams will get a glimpse of what to expect this season with Shaun Hill stepping in as the starting quarterback.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

When the Rams signed Shaun Hill to his one-year contract during the offseason - it wasn't expected that he would have to start all 16 games for the Rams this season. But no one could have foreseen Sam Bradford tearing his ACL again for the second time in two years.

However, this is the NFL, where the next man has to step in and take over. It's time for the Rams to look towards next season and how to make Hill play effectively. Luckily for the Rams the offensive scheme doesn't have to change too much to accommodate Hill. During OTA practices leading up to training camp, Hill ran the first-team offense while Sam Bradford was still recovering from his torn ACL. The Rams planned on running the ball a lot with their stable of running backs, and to also rely on their defense to help keep them in games.

Obviously, things won't be that easy when the regular season begins. Every team that the Rams will play this year knows that they are playing against a 34 year old quarterback who hasn't started a game since 2010. Hill will have to rely on passing options like veteran Kenny Britt, Brian Quick, and Tavon Austin.

Luckily for Hill it looks like Quick has developed into a solid receiver and Britt looks like a good target. It's going to take a team effort for the Rams to win games with Hill, he has looked like a capable quarterback in his time playing in the preseason.

Will the Rams win the Super Bowl with Hill under center? Probably not, but maybe, Hill can become the second coming of former starter Kurt Warner. It could happen. Right?