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St. Louis Rams:Getting to know Ray Sherman and The A.F.R.O.S.

A.F.R.O.S - America's Finest Receivers On Sunday's - are in good hands. Regardless of the current quarterback situation, there is still reason to fully expect the Rams current receivers to continue to grow and develop...

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been made of the Rams' receivers entering the 2014 season. While Sam Bradford's season - or lack thereof - has been placed under a microscope, the receivers as a whole have been viewed through a telescope. One common claim with this position group is that the Rams do not develop their talent well. Lets have a look at the career of the man tasked with the responsibility of taking all the talent in the Rams' receiver corps and turning them into the studs most believe they have ability to be.

Ray Sherman is 62 years old. He has accumulated over 45 years of knowledge about the wide receiver position. He played the position at Fresno State, and began his coaching career immediately following graduation. Since entering the NFL ranks in 1988 Sherman has never gone back down to the college level. That alone is invaluable experience. But there is no experience quite like the receivers he has coached during his career;

  1. Jerry Rice
  2. Cris Carter
  3. Terrell Owens
  4. Donald Driver
  5. Andre Rison

Ray Sherman has worked with a long list of successful receivers, some you can even say are uber successful. In fact, he has worked with two players already in the hall of fame and another is staring down a first ballot invitation while another two with possibilities of getting the call eventually one day.

The Rams have as much "talent" at the receiver position as they have ever had. Now, all that is needed is the right people to help exploit that talent. The odds are the Rams will carry six wide receivers this season. Those players are most likely to be as follows:

  1. Kenny Britt
  2. Brian Quick
  3. Tavon Austin
  4. Stedman Bailey
  5. Chris Givens
  6. Austin Pettis

Simply judging by Ray Sherman's pedigree, the Rams' receivers look to be in good hands. Sherman has the track record that says he kind of knows what he is doing. At this point the ball is in the court of the men that now call themselves the "AFROS"...