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Anonymous Rams player still talking about Michael Sam and showers ... and ESPN is on it

Yes, ESPN is talking about Michael Sam and showering at Rams Park.

Leave it to Chris Long to totally destroy ESPN's stupidity ...

Will Michael Sam make the St. Louis Rams final roster or not? It's a legitimate question, one worth asking of any player this time of year, especially one who could be the first openly gay player on an active NFL roster. So, of course, what's ESPN reporting on today? Michael Sam and his teammates' showering habits.

The video, as you can see, isn't as salacious as it sounded on Twitter. The anchor asks how Sam and his teammates are adjusting. Reporter Josina Anderson brings up the showering part because it's what one anonymous defensive player told her.

She then goes on to report what Kendall Langford and Alec Ogletree said to her about Sam doing well adjusting to the NFL game and being unaware of what the anonymous player said about the showers.

So, it's not as dumb as it sounded in 140-character increments (surprisingly enough). It's not exactly the apex of quality journalism, even for television. Mostly, it's just weird, another example of someone (the anonymous player) and a need for some outlets to recount every last piece of gossipy minutiae.