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Random Ramsdom:8/26 Life Goes On

It's still very early, and for some the events from the weekend have yet to sink in. But with the NFL season less than two weeks away there simply is not enough time to mourn

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Michael Thomas


Why the Seahawks won't repeat - MMQB

If history has told us anything, its that repeating in this league is nearly impossible.

He's our running back -

No Stacy no problem, doesn't change anything, he is still the Rams top back...

Some good news on the injury front - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Through all the madness there is still some good news to rejoice over

Michael Sam deserves a spot on the 53 - Bleacher Report

With one preseason game remaining, some could make a case that Michael Sam has already done enough to lock up a spot on the 53

Sanchez says no - USA Today

What if I told you Mark Sanchez does not want to come to St. Louis, and he is not hiding it either....

The Man, The Legend, The Myth - Sports on Earth

Sam Bradford is still a legend, in Oklahoma he is nearly equivalent to Tebow in Florida, and lets not forget he was not only the last rookie to snag a huge contract, but it was the biggest ever

Rams brass can only look in the mirror -

Many were quick to call the Rams fools for their approach to the quarterback situation this offseason, now they have no one else to blame

Build to dominate - Pro Football Talk

Les Snead had one goal in mind after executing the trade with the Redskins in 2012, DOMINATE.....

Hyper-extended or torn ACL??? - Bleacher Report

There was a lot of confusion over Sam Bradford knee following his departure. What usually takes about an hour took closer to 14 to confirm

HEEEEEE'S BAAAAAAAACK!!.... - Bleacher Report

More good news on the injury front as team leader James Laurinaitis returns to the field. Getting back his leadership during this trying time is a major boost for this young team