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Rams interested in Mark Sanchez

Is a reunion between Schottenheimer and his old quarterback in New York in the offing?

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Jared Wickerham

The St. Louis Rams got a devastating piece of news on Sunday afternoon when they learned that quarterback Sam Bradford will miss the 2014 season after tearing his ACL the night before in Cleveland. Shaun Hill takes over the starting job, but the Rams may be looking for more help at the position.

Early reports suggest that the Rams may already have some interest in Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Schottenheimer coached Sanchez for three seasons with the New York Jets. Unfortunately, they didn't have a very successful track record together. Sanchez threw 69 interceptions and fumbled the ball 43 times during his first four seasons with the Jets.

He hardly seems like a viable answer to the Rams problems without Bradford, unless they envision bringing him in as an experienced backup.

It might not matter. Sanchez is reportedly not interested in reuniting with his old offensive coordinator, according to this report from USA Today.

For now, it seems short-sighted to gamble away a good draft pick chasing a temporary solution at quarterback, especially with two rounds of roster cuts coming between now and Aug. 30.