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Bradford Out For The Season With ACL Injury

Joe Robbins

Chris Mortensen of ESPN has announced the Sam Bradford suffered a season ending ACL injury to the same knee injured in 2013. Jeff Fisher is scheduled to address Bradford's status at 5pm Eastern Time. Leaks about Bradford started last night, with Fisher roundly denouncing them.

Shaun Hill now looks to be the Rams hope at quarterback as the final preseason game looms next week. Hill, a career back up, was a favorite during his time in Detroit. With the departure of Kellen Clemens in free agency, this is Hill's chance to show he can lead an NFL team from season start to finish.

Bradford, who's been paid over $50 million so far in his rookie contract, will have a tough battle ahead of him. Since the arrival of Jeff Fisher in St. Louis, the "make or break" birds have been hovering over the former University of Oklahoma star.

We'll be covering the Fisher press conference, and be keeping you abreast of everything Rams as this turn of events unfold...