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Rams-Browns Game Thread Roll Call

Which TSTers showed up in the game thread?

Joe Robbins
Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,350
Total commenters 71
Commenter list 1olyJG, AussieRam, Bond_007x, Bralidore, BrokeCollegeKid, CashCon, Chamuel, Danteslion, DiscoJer, Douglas M, Eulogy, FailureDrill, Frank "Dubs" Dobozy, Ignacio B, Jesus loves Ewes & Rams, John Woody, Kavi, Ken F, Kentrell Jackson, Knoxfan, LA Champ, LARams1968, LuinRam, MOOSERAM13, Mark Jaramillo, MathB, NW RamFan, PMack1982, RAMpage28, RG31, RJ1987, RamSarge, Rammon2014, RomanDeaconMerlin, Simon_says17, Snaughty, SoCalJoe, Steve Miller Jr., Ted3, The Rammer, TheBirds, TheThompson, Thomas W, TrueRam., VTramsFan, Will not be defeated, Yes Aye, YoMurph!, bamaram, crushh87, donmolloys1976, endercpl, garrett.buckmaster1, guitrguy, joedog3, justin.szewczyk, leadhead, lpatters99, mark.banks.568, master hyde, oldboy1x, quirmbach, ramsgetme86, ramsrock, ramswo85, richromeo21, rosstipher627, stlswest, themurth, wdcecil, x Nightwing x
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# Commenter # Comments
1 RamSarge 175
2 master hyde 152
3 justin.szewczyk 83
4 garrett.buckmaster1 75
5 Danteslion 61
6 themurth 57
7 LARams1968 54
8 RAMpage28 54
9 LA Champ 52
10 FailureDrill 48
11 Rammon2014 42
12 Ignacio B 41
13 BrokeCollegeKid 35
14 lpatters99 29
15 Ted3 28
16 joedog3 25
17 richromeo21 25
18 crushh87 22
19 wdcecil 19
20 TheBirds 19
21 Eulogy 17
22 Mark Jaramillo 15
23 PMack1982 14
24 Will not be defeated 14
25 x Nightwing x 11
26 Jesus loves Ewes & Rams 10
27 TrueRam. 10
28 The Rammer 10
29 mark.banks.568 10
30 RJ1987 10
31 rosstipher627 10
32 Bralidore 10
33 Ken F 8
34 ramswo85 8
35 Kentrell Jackson 7
36 Thomas W 7
37 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy 6
38 AussieRam 5
39 DiscoJer 5
40 SoCalJoe 5
41 leadhead 5
42 RomanDeaconMerlin 5
43 ramsrock 4
44 Steve Miller Jr. 4
45 1olyJG 3
46 stlswest 3
47 Chamuel 3
48 Kavi 3
49 MathB 3
50 TheThompson 3
51 YoMurph! 2
52 VTramsFan 2
53 Yes Aye 2
54 CashCon 2
55 donmolloys1976 2
56 Simon_says17 1
57 bamaram 1
58 oldboy1x 1
59 Knoxfan 1
60 RG31 1
61 John Woody 1
62 Bond_007x 1
63 ramsgetme86 1
64 guitrguy 1
65 NW RamFan 1
67 Douglas M 1
68 endercpl 1
69 LuinRam 1
70 quirmbach 1
71 Snaughty 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy Bradford
6 master hyde "hoyers been good" these announcers are abysmal
6 FailureDrill "Man that was fun!"
5 leadhead shefter tweeting Initial testing showing no ACL tear
5 Frank "Dubs" Dobozy More updates
5 richromeo21 So what percent of our sallary cap
4 Mark Jaramillo In a way...
4 RamSarge StacedGod again
4 master hyde we cut kurt warner.
3 RamSarge ...are the Browns announcers really talking about the Rams' good tackling? Is this real?
3 RAMpage28 says that was Donald on the sack fumble.
3 Rammon2014 come on Champ stop that lol you know why Lemmons sucked balls
3 x Nightwing x I swear if Bradford's gone for the year I'll...
3 rosstipher627 Langford down! Danteslion you got any first round defensive tackles lined up for us or do you only care about replacing quarterbacks?
3 RamSarge I cannot stand one more fucking Browns preseason game
3 justin.szewczyk well without Bradford we are done for the season
3 FailureDrill Dr. Chao knows his shit, so take solace in this tweet:
3 master hyde he had 3 passes on 3rd and 15+ completed
3 FailureDrill You can literally smell these announcers getting moist with JFF excitement.
3 themurth Joyner and Reid. Florida State Guys! Have faith!
3 garrett.buckmaster1 [no title]
3 crushh87 At least we're not the browns
3 RamSarge Who's fucking pumped? I know I am, preseason or not
2 justin.szewczyk yeah I'm hoping Sam connects with him on a deep one tonight
2 ramswo85 AdBlock my man.
2 richromeo21 I don't think the Browns have scored a TD
2 RAMpage28 ESPN currently imploding.
2 crushh87 TAKE THEM ALL OUT
2 justin.szewczyk You cursed it because you weren't watching live :-(
2 FailureDrill All is fucked.
2 master hyde what?? have you not watched the game?
2 TrueRam. [no title]
2 wdcecil Do you have a drink in your hand - you need a drink before you read these replies.
2 justin.szewczyk Jesus this picture is legit
2 RamSarge rec'd. Get adblock, and preferably, Chrome to go with it
2 Bralidore shit we keep losing starters we'll need CFL on speedial
2 richromeo21 We got 5 starters back today
2 master hyde davis cant throw deep. what other option does he have
2 master hyde for what it is worth, we scored more than everybody this week
2 justin.szewczyk I know because then we would have a 1st rounder down on the field injured
2 Chamuel Can we just
2 FailureDrill Let's just pack it in and never go to Cleveland again.
2 Rammon2014 jake long played like shit his first game back and caused the Bradford injury
2 RAMpage28 Thanks for the support bro.
2 RAMpage28 Well, he didn't look to be in much pain.
2 master hyde even the announcers call their D "trash" XD
2 master hyde that was a middle finger to the browns for sure
2 MathB Is it me or we have receivers now?
2 rosstipher627 glad that's the first thing to come across your mind.
2 master hyde we drafted a WR 8th overall to play the slot role
2 FailureDrill Accurate:
2 LARams1968 He just looked rusty. he needs to get some reps in.
2 master hyde i forgot about pead last year
2 crushh87 Weekly reminder for people who have to stream the game!
2 BrokeCollegeKid defense looking good guys!
2 Danteslion healthy enough to play all 16 games post 4000 yards and 35 tds
2 garrett.buckmaster1 [no title]
2 RAMpage28 Rally around Hill and play good football.
2 Rammon2014 please lol we need Sam to win the nfc west
2 richromeo21 Please be ok Sam
2 RamSarge because it's obvious? If you haven't seen it, I'll ask for your analysis/evaluation
2 master hyde kurt warner type of throw. tight windows
1 master hyde im just waiting for JFF to lead the comback that would lead to a public orgy
1 master hyde damn. jonny just got felt up by a gay guy
1 justin.szewczyk But I have tickets to that game :-(
1 FailureDrill Jamie Martin reference?
1 justin.szewczyk We were doing that with Bradford
1 RamSarge SAM SACKS MANZIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 themurth sam with the money money sign
1 RamSarge JOHNNY
1 wdcecil In Defense of Ass Clowns everywhere
1 wdcecil Hey did you guys know
1 FailureDrill Yeah, it's called right click, "Open link in new tab".
1 stlswest Are these injuries
1 x Nightwing x These are the kinds of comments that make you look really stupid
1 x Nightwing x Why do we keep this idiot around?
1 x Nightwing x You weren't don't worry
1 RamSarge ...don't remind us of that shit
1 RamSarge wrong, best case is a little bruise. hyperextension patients dont usually walk 2 minutes later
1 RamSarge fuckin Cleveland...
1 crushh87 That's the time you have to edit it.
1 LARams1968 I'm hoping that its to make room for Dill.
1 Rammon2014 every team has been droping like flies because the turned camp into girls camp they just dont work out like they use to any more ,too much babying thats what you get
1 TheBirds Damn Britt and Quick are twins
1 LA Champ the Rammer above has detailed notes say pressure from the front may indicate sprained MCL
1 RJ1987 i was on tv!
1 Mark Jaramillo Tru out for the year?
1 richromeo21 Just not supposed to be about depth
1 richromeo21 You missed the completions that were pulled back
1 master hyde and i have just the man on this team that can do it...
1 master hyde he was 'ok'. not a blue chipper by any means. tbh i want to see more of gaines
1 Ken F Fishers presser should be intresting later
1 RAMpage28 Pull every starter. Just pack in the first team.
1 Will not be defeated If there was a competition between Cunningham and Bayer
1 richromeo21 Everyone who blamed Bradford for the lack of offense
1 Eulogy That was a laser to Quick
1 justin.szewczyk Interesting news...
1 master hyde i think jenkins is better than tru. and the more i see gaines the more i wonder why he isnt starting