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What was Austin Pettis' cryptic tweet about?

Sometimes we forget that football players are people also. Is there anything wrong with wanting a chance to do your job?

Streeter Lecka

The St. Louis Rams wide receivers played pretty well against the Cleveland Browns. Almost every receiver that figures to make the final team roster caught a pass...except for Austin Pettis.

It looks like the longest tenured Ram receiver noticed that he was left behind.

Granted, this tweet is vague enough that he could have been talking about a number of things. Maybe Pettis was having girl trouble after the game. He could have been playing an epic game of Madden 15. Or maybe he was frustrated not to have a catch.

The four-year veteran has started 11 games for the Rams in his career. In 2013, he finished the season with 38 receptions, 399 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not exactly Hall of Fame numbers. Pettis started a few games last season, but his snaps started to decline as he went into more of a situational role.

Does Pettis have the right to be frustrated?

The reason that he's being phased out of the offense is because of the starters, Kenny Britt and Brian Quick. Both players are big-bodied receivers like Pettis. With those two playing well there's really no reason to force feed Pettis the ball anymore.