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Sam Bradford Is Out For The Season With A Torn ACL

While we wait for the official word on Sam Bradford's knee, the unofficial reports give optimism in regards to his health.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

When the St. Louis Rams played the Cleveland Browns Saturday night, the worst happened as quarterback Sam Bradford left the game in the first quarter with an injury to his left leg. Bradford had surgery on his knee previously when he tore his ACL in week 7 last season.

Bradford took the hit to his knee from Browns defensive end Armonty Bryant, beating left tackle Jake Long, who is also returning from a torn ACL. Bradford walked off of the field under his own power.

An MRI will be done to determine exactly what Bradford's injury currently is, but so far it appears that he won't miss the season. Although that too is speculation, but it appears as though the Rams have dodged a bullet and Bradford doesn't have any ACL damage.

Here's a statement that Jeff Fisher made about Bradford.

"I can't speculate but it appeared just to be a hyperextension of the same knee," Fisher said. "He's walking around fine inside right now. That's all I can tell you."

Although he didn't give a definite answer, it does sound like he's not panicking about Bradford being hurt. Head coaches do tell fans what they want to hear, but it's doubtful that a coach would say that a player is walking around fine, if he thinks that the player will miss the season.

Quick isn't a doctor, but what he says really sounds good. Although the Rams quarterback feels fine doesn't mean that he is fine. All we know so far is that he doesn't have a torn ACL and that he is walking around fine. There's nothing concrete yet, however the signs are really optimistic so far.

Hopefully the MRI yields a good result for the Rams.


Maybe Bradford's knee is worse than was initally thought.

Jeff Fisher press conference at 5:30pm central time can't come soon enough.

Update: 2:44

It looks like Bradford did tear his ACL again.