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Turf Show Times fantasy football league

So you want to play fantasy football ...

It's that time of the year football fans. Time to join up for some Fantasy Football! One of the members of our community here at TST has graciously offered to manage a TST fantasy football league on ESPN. He's inviting one and all to join in on the fun.

Here's his invitation, with instructions:

Dear fellow Rams fans!
You are cordially invited to partake in a TST, Rams fan-friendly, free fantasy football league on
There is a poll attached to the original fanpost (link), to determine, democratically, which method we should draft with. After this is decided, we will then try to agree on a mutually beneficial date and time to do the draft sometime next week.
The league is called 'TST Fantasy' and it seems that the only way to join is to send me your email address (linked to your ESPN account) so that I can invite you into it. If you don't have an ESPN account, you can create one, at no cost.
Currently the cap stands at 10 teams, but if interest makes this a bigger league, then the league will grow with demand.
Decisions for what sort of draft - and how many teams will partake - must be decided by Saturday evening, with a decision regarding what time we draft (should we opt for an online draft) coming by the following Tuesday/Wednesday.
Again, please note! I can only invite via email address, so please send it through by any means you find most comfortable - preferably via the original fanpost - and I will invite you into the league as soon as possible.
Please, get creative with your team name, and only partake if you are going to be dedicated to the league!
Please use the fanpost/this post as a forum to troubleshoot and we'll try and help as much as we can with any queries you may have!
I look forward to facing off with you all on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays! Good luck!

This is the link to the league at ESPN.

This is the link to the original fanpost.

Let's have some fun...and good luck to all!!