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St. Louis Rams Vs. Cleveland Browns: Rookies To Watch

Which rookies should you watch when the Rams play against the Browns? Don't worry, we got you covered.

Dilip Vishwanat

The St. Louis Rams will be playing against the Cleveland Browns this week. This preseason all eyes are on the Rams multiple rookies who hope to make the Rams a playoff team. With only 53 roster spots on the roster to give, some of the rookies will have a long hill to climb to make the final cut.

This week we take a look at five rookies that you should watch when the Rams play the Browns.

Aaron Donald - DT

The Rams 2nd first-round pick in May has been interesting so far. Against the New Orleans Saints he displayed good pass rushing skills, then when he played the Green Bay Packers he was neutralized. This week against the Browns it would be nice to see Donald not only display his pass rushing ability but to also finish plays while he's in the backfield.

Greg Reid - CB

Reid is an interesting "rookie", I use that term loosely since he's been out of college for a couple of years but this is his first season playing in the NFL. Reid is a 5-foot-8, slot corner that will struggle to make the 53 man roster. He has a solid game against the Packers last week, but the competition for corner is fierce.

Tre Mason - RB

The third-round running back from Auburn struggled last week against the Packers. He looked okay when he had a hole to run through. His biggest flaw is the same as it was in college, he hasn't shown the ability to passblock yet and last week he allowed two sacks. If he doesn't learn how to do it soon, it will be hard for him to gain a lot of playing time unless there is an injury.

Maurice Alexander - S

I will admit something here, Alexander is probably the rookie that I'm the most excited by. He's a raw safety that has shown impressive range and sometimes pretty good coverage on receivers so far in preseason. On the flip slide he allowed a touchdown in each of the first two games in preseason, which isn't a surprise because the 4th round rookie is raw. Alexander won't start this season unless there's an injury, but it looks like he could become a starter for the Rams in the future.

Ethan Westbrooks - DE

So far the undrafted free agent defensove end has been making waves, and hurting 7th round pick Michael Sam chance of making the team. Westbrooks can pass rush quarterbacks and stop the run. Another good game for Westbrooks should make it easier for him to stick on the 53 man roster.